BetAnySports Casino

BetAnySports Casino sounds like a mix of themes. You've got a clear sporting highlight in the name, yet it belongs to a casino. So, what's going on here?

That is what we are going to find out more about when we visit the casino to look around. We are about to find out why players like this casino and what you can expect if you decide to check it out.

Software comes from more than one place

This is good news because it means you've got access to more games. two of the big names to be aware of are Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Betsoft.

The lobby varies depending on the casino you access

Yes, there are different areas to explore in this casino. We'll cover those in more detail shortly. This sounds like an odd place to play at, and we think you'd have a valid point in saying that. There are different areas available, and each of those has a different mix of games to play. Maybe you'll like one area more than another.

Join the casino… but not before you've looked around

We recommend this for all casinos, but we believe it is important for this one. It's because BetAnySports Casino has one of the strangest layouts we have ever seen for any casino. Check it out and you'll soon see what we mean.

Signup restrictions at BetAnySports Casino

The terms and conditions don't provide as much info as you might expect them to. We know that players from the United Kingdom cannot play there. The best bet is to explore the laws surrounding online gambling at casinos like this one as they are laid out in your jurisdiction. That should tell you whether you are old enough to play at the casino, and whether they would allow you to do so.

Games for all casino players

One good thing about playing at BetAnySports is that they've got a selection of different types of casino games to try. You can find different casinos to play in too. Look out for the Grand Casino and the Bonus Casino, for example. The mix of games varies in each one, so you may find that one area is better for you than another.

Are slot games your favorites?

If so, you can find a varied mix in each of the casino areas. Look out for Jurassic Fire and Fruity Fortune inside the Bonus Casino. Meanwhile, the Grand Casino has lots of titles including some with progressive jackpots.

What about the availability of free games?

Some of the games are available to try like this - the so-called demo or practice games. Availability may vary according to which portion of the casino you are visiting. Furthermore, the games may look slightly different to how they would appear if you were betting for real.

Paid games at BetAnySports

Playing the real games is what many players visit the casino for. You can try these if you have arranged a budget to deposit and play with… and that, of course, means you need to be a member. Make sure you check you can legally sign up and play there before doing this.

New slot games receive a new label

There is nothing more annoying than finding you cannot spot any new games at a casino. Fortunately, it appears as if the new games do get a label at BetAnySports Casino. Since there are games from a few different sources, you can expect more of the new titles than you'd see at certain other casinos.

Promotions are not widely displayed on the site

There isn't much to talk about in this section - the site doesn't carry a promo area, so there aren't any firm deals to tell you about here. We've spotted signs that some deals might be based around specific game titles, so that might be your best bet for finding some promotions to claim.

What about tournaments?

Nothing of this nature gets a mention on the site.

Casino winners aren't highlighted either

There is a lot of info you might expect to see at other casinos that fails to be mentioned at BetAnySports, unfortunately.

You can earn some comp points as you play

These are only triggered for players wagering real bets on the games at the casino. However, they are earned for playing various games, with differing quantities often given for the various casino titles.

Mobile and app options

The site displays fine regardless of your screen size. The Jackpot Casino mentions having a mobile alternative, but we could see no apps to download for any of these. The responsive design means you shouldn't need an app though.

Can you play without registering?

Some of the games look ready for demo accessibility, although it isn't always easy to select that option. A couple of the titles we experimented with didn't load, so perhaps this isn't as simple as you'd think at BetAnySports.

Instant play seems to be the best option

With no download link to go on, there is no other way to access the casino games other than via instant play.

Affiliate info is unavailable

That's all we can say about that at present.

Sporting services at BetAnySports

These are available on the wider site. There are separate sportsbook and racebook areas to explore. They even have a lotto area if you would like to participate in lotteries.

It's worth reading blog posts about the site

You won't find a blog on the site itself. However, you can read opinions about the site from other players when you locate appropriate blog posts online. You can also check out forum entries.

We must say, we found the site tricky to navigate and use. The different casino areas look promising, but the design is complex. We'd rather have one casino with a better design than trying to split everything off into different areas.

Head for the Vegas live dealer games

These are contained in a separate casino area in the main menu. Once there, you'll be able to meet some real dealers and participate in games with a more immediate feel.

Deposit methods to use at this casino

You can check out different options for depositing, including cards and person to person possibilities. Bitcoin is fine too, according to our research - we couldn't find a banking page to read up on though. That is another frustrating aspect of this casino.

Making a withdrawal

We suspect most - if not all - deposit methods are good to use for withdrawals as well. However, there could be some that are not included. Again, without a proper banking page to consult, a lot of info is difficult to access at this casino.

No Bitcoin promos

At least, none that we could find.

Help is best sought when you use live chat

This is tucked away in the bottom right corner as is so often the case. You do need to be a member to use it though, as it asks for your name and account number (along with your language). You can also phone them or send an email if you wish.