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There’s so much news provided by the best online casinos today, and keeping up to date on the latest in all that’s online casino gaming can be tricky, however here you’ll find that we’ve weeded through the masses of casino info and only bring you the very best casino bonus offers, news of new casino launches, new online slots and the biggest casino bonus deals around. If we think that it’s news worth shouting about then we’ll do that right here on this page, and on top of the casino promotions information we’ll also serve up the latest in mobile casino bonuses, new depositing methods and of course the best new online slots details and exactly where to play them.

Stay up to date with new banking options at online casinos

You probably know about the usual mix of ways you can deposit and withdraw funds from any online casino. They vary according to the site you are using, but overall, you’re familiar with many of the services offered.

Bitcoin is becoming more common among these casinos too. We’ve seen new casinos start up offering just this and none of the standard banking facilities. Others have added it to their line-up. Whenever we spot a casino adding more banking options to their list, we’ll let you know about those options here.

Have you heard about the latest big winners?

You won’t miss a trick if you stay here. We’ve got the latest reports about major jackpot winners of some of the online progressive slots you can try today. These jackpots can easily reach six figures, sometimes even seven, changing the lives of all those fortunate enough to scoop one. Who is going to be next on the list? Stay tuned and find out.

The latest developments in USA legislation for casinos

Whether you play in casinos offline, online, or both, if you are a USA resident, you’ll know the laws surrounding gaming are sometimes murky. You can play in some states but not in others, for instance. We bring you the latest information on legislative developments across the USA.

Don’t miss our news reports on the freshest new slots online today

Most days bring news of at least one new slot release for you to try. Royal Slots is determined to make sure you never miss out, bringing you news and reviews of some fine new slot games to play. Five reels, three reels, packed with features and bonuses… who knows what is going to appear next? Stay tuned – bookmark this page now and make sure you never miss the latest exciting release.

Mobile gambling continues to reach new heights

The latest developments in mobile gambling always lead to new opportunities for gamers to enjoy. With more casinos than ever before maintaining a mobile presence on Android, iOS, and other platforms, it is easy to visit your favorite online casino whenever you wish. There is no need to sit at your computer anymore. Today, you can be anywhere you want.

Don’t miss the latest casino bonuses ready to be claimed

Most casinos have some bonuses ready for their members (and newcomers) to enjoy. However, you might be aware that many bonuses do not last long. Moreover, you can never tell when those bonuses are going to be withdrawn. That means it is a great idea to keep tabs on the latest deals while they last. We bring you some bonuses news relating to casino deals available today. Don’t miss out!

Software news from the biggest companies to the smallest

Think of casino software and a raft of big names is likely to come into your mind. That said, there are lots of smaller companies working hard to make their mark too. You never know where the next big release is going to come from. If you stick with us at Royal Slots though, you’ll never miss another piece of software news. We’ve got access to all the big stories and developments in this part of the industry. There is no need to go anywhere else.

Don’t miss the latest tournament news

If you love participating in online casino tournaments, you are in the best place to make sure you never miss a trick. Learn about live tourneys, upcoming events, and all the best prizes in the tournament pots at numerous casinos. We’ve got news on freerolls and paid entry tournaments for you to consider. It gives you another chance to pick up prizes when you’re playing your favorite games.

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