Online Casinos

Online casinos for players from the US and all around the world deliver the thrills and the buzz of fantastic casino slots and games directly to the comfort of your own home, and there’s a wonderful choice available. Right here you’ll find some of the best online casinos available today, with each one providing you with staggering welcome bonuses, massive slots reload bonuses, ongoing rewards and loyalty benefits, and of course a superb selection of high quality online slots and games. Each casino below is packed with super video slots and realistic well designed table games, and you’ll also find that you’ll have a choice of how to get your action with instant play flash casinos, free casino downloads and great state of the art mobile casinos that all serve up a magnificent online casino experience. The hard work has been done for you and the list below contains some of the very best casino options you’ll find online, leaving you to take your pick and enjoy.

How to join online casino

This is usually easy to do. Just look out for the signup button or a message requesting you to join now. You might even see a signup form on the home page, depending on which casino you decide to visit.

Always make sure you can legally join your selected casino before doing so, though. Most have restrictions that must be adhered to. While some casinos bar your access if you’re from a restricted location, this cannot be relied upon. Always check their terms and conditions, as this is usually where prohibited countries are mentioned.

How can you find the best casinos for USA players?

Reading online reviews is a great way to figure out which casinos accept people from the US, not to mention which ones come top of the list in that sense. Not all casinos that welcome players from America are worth joining. Always check they have a valid certificate to operate in their selected jurisdiction. By reading online reviews, you can get a much better idea of the best casinos for USA players to use.

What about finding the best casinos for UK players to use?

This is much the same as the method described above. If you are living in the UK, you are going to get local results when looking for online casinos in a search engine. It knows where you are located, so it is not going to return results for USA-friendly casinos that do not accept UK members. Again, reviews also have a good role to play in narrowing your options.

Are the best casinos for Australian players themed for Aussies too?

Yes, very often you’ll notice the map of Australia appearing somewhere on the site – maybe even as part of the logo. You might also see green and yellow color schemes in force. You’ll also notice terms like bonzer appearing, as they are used as slang in the language.

However, as with the other examples we gave already, the terms and conditions confirm the validity of a casino as being Aussie friendly. You can also look out for messages on the home page that confirm this.

What should you expect in Wager Gaming casinos?

These casinos deliver some impressive games that are designed to suit most players. One thing you’ll notice is that they are far more involved with three-reel games than many other providers. They do have lots of five-reel games too, such as 20,000 Leagues Slots and Funky Chicks. However, there is a series of well-known Triple slots such as Triple Gold and Triple 10x Wild Slots, delivering far more from a humble three-reel game than you might think.

RTG casinos guarantee access to some famous titles

Real Time Gaming (RTG) continues to add popular games to its collection over time. If you were to visit an RTG casino today, you’d likely find popular titles including Achilles Slots, Bubble Bubble Slots, Cash Bandits, and Lucha Libre. Three of those have sequels, showing that RTG is in the business of creating bigger and better slots when it finds a hit that players love to have a go at.

Betsoft casinos: Home to the 3D slot game

Betsoft is about far more than just 3D slots, but you must admit they are the market leader in those games. They don’t just develop 3D slots that look good though – each of those games is packed with features and bonuses happening both on the reels and off. Seasonal delights include A Christmas Carol, while there are diverse themes in 3D slots such as Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Gold Diggers.

The i-Slots are guaranteed to appear at Rival casinos

There is one good reason for this – i-Slots are unique to Rival. There are some good series of slots to try too. Perhaps the most famous is the three-part soap series called As the Reels Turn. There are three episodes, each following on from the one before. Other games in their collection are more modern, including Candy Cottage, Coins of Olympus, and Frogged, taking you into numerous themed areas.

Microgaming casinos give you hundreds of games to try

Even if Microgaming was the only provider at your selected casino, you could count on finding hundreds of games available to play. They have an extensive collection reaching back over several years, and they continue to release great titles today. Some are linked with famous TV shows and movies, while others strike out on their own with either familiar themes or ones that are more innovative.

Choosing your favorite casino slots to play

You can really only have a favorite slot or two once you have played lots of them. The same goes for finding a favorite developer to try if you have the time to do so. We recommend you try as large a collection as you can, ideally in demo format to start with. Most developers do permit players to try the games without using real funds to do so. Once you’ve played these games, you can see if you are able to whittle down the collection to determine which ones are your favorites – and those can then be played with your budget if you wish to move on to real play.

What are table games?

These are games played at one of the casino tables in a regular casino. Think of games such as blackjack and roulette – usually the two most popular and familiar table games at any casino. You’ll find these at lots of online casinos as well, although you can never count on them appearing. Some casinos offer several versions of each of the games, with the chance that other table games might appear too.

Two types of poker to watch out for

The first type is the real poker version, played out as a table game or in a live casino area. The second type is the video poker version, which has more in common with a slot machine. If you are new to this game, the best option is to play some video poker to get used to how it works. You are likely to find there are several versions to try, so look through them, read the rules, and see how to gain prizes before you begin. Again, the demo is the best way to get started.

Can you call bingo at online casinos as well?

You might wonder if there is room for bingo to be included at online casinos. You can never count on it appearing there, but some casinos do include it in various forms. There is the traditional 90-ball bingo to look for, but you’ve also got 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and even the faster 30-ball bingo version. Do you have a favorite among those options?

You can never count on trying some sports betting

This is a feature that rarely pops up at online casinos. If it does, it tends to be as a separate feature in the menu, such as a sportsbook. This requires a lot of information to be given on the screen, hence why it is separate from the casino games. You may not be interested in this element, and if not, it makes sense to stick with a casino that offers only casino games.

Should you take part in some casino tournaments?

This is up to you to decide. However, the tournaments are a good way of increasing the number of ways you could net some prizes. There are freerolls that cost nothing to enter, and plenty of other tourneys that do require an entry fee. This usually only amounts to a few dollars though, and it does bring the opportunity to try and scoop a slice of a much bigger prize pool.

These events are not guaranteed to appear at any casino, so check the menu and different areas of a casino if you find one you like.

Bonuses and promotions for all casino members

You’ve probably heard about the welcome package most casinos offer to new members. If you are fortunate, it might consist of a no deposit bonus deal first – something like a few free spins or a free chip without needing to deposit something to get it. Following that, the welcome deal usually gives you a percentage on top of your deposit.

Better yet, some casinos give you the chance to claim other promotions during your time there. These are never guaranteed, so if you like claiming promotions as a casino member, check the promo page before signing up. Cashback, reload bonuses, birthday bonuses… these are just a few examples of what you might want to look out for.

Sign up bonuses can cover more than one deposit

The basic signup bonus gives you a boost to the first deposit you make. However, some casinos go further, offering bonuses on the first three, four, five, or even more deposits. Consider what is being offered, as it could help you make your selection from numerous casinos around today.

How common are no deposit bonuses?

These are bonuses you can expect to earn at selected casinos when you sign up. Opening an account is free at all casinos, and some give you a free chip or perhaps a few free spins on a named slot game for doing so. These come before the deposit bonus we mentioned above.

They’re not guaranteed to appear, but casinos know players love a no deposit bonus. That means they are reasonably common, and it is worth looking around to see what you can find.

Can free spins lead to real prizes?

They can, yes, but you should be aware there are likely to be wagering requirements to meet before those prizes can be withdrawn. Always read the details connected to any free spins won on a site. Some might have no wagering requirements, but even then, you are usually restricted in how much you can grab in prize money and withdraw.

Free chips give you the best way to start at a new casino

Free chips are typically given to new players when opening a casino account. This is done before any deposits are made, hence why they are called free chips. Occasionally, you might be given a free chip when depositing though, or perhaps when fulfilling some other requirement at a casino.

If you are signing up for a new account with a selected casino and you secure a free chip, you can use that chip to play some of the games that appeal most to you. This is great to know, because it means you can enjoy some games and see how they work before your own funds are deposited.

What are bonus codes and where can you find them?

Bonus codes are special codes that unlock casino bonuses. When you sign up to a casino or make a deposit there, you’ll usually see a box in the form you’re filling in. This box is ready to accept any code you might have. If you find an expired code, you’ll see a message telling you this. If the code is valid, the bonus it is connected to is automatically triggered when you use the code and complete the form.

Some bonus codes are highlighted on the casino website. Others are to be found elsewhere online and require a search to unearth them.

What are casino rewards all about?

When players talk about rewards, they are usually referring to the VIP clubs that casinos usually offer their players. These clubs involve collecting points and sometimes reaching new levels that unlock better bonuses. Every real bet that is placed triggers some comp points to be earned. Earn a certain amount and you’ll attain a new level.

Different casinos work in different ways. Some might let you keep a newly attained level even if you don’t play for a while. Others will see you drop back a level, so bear this in mind before you choose a VIP program at a specific casino.

Learn how you will claim payouts before signing up

This is hugely important, as some casinos have more payout methods to choose from than others. Sometimes, you find you can use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. This is more convenient for many. Other casinos may only use Bitcoin or a selection of cryptocurrencies, so if you do not use those, you’ll likely be better off using a different casino. Find out how fast withdrawals are completed too, as this could influence your choice.

Play for fun if you want to see how a casino game works

Even if you read reviews of a casino game and you see screenshots of various parts of it, it still makes sense to play the game to get a real idea of what to expect. However, if you do not want to risk wasting your money on a game you may not like, the practice version is the best way forward. Some call this playing for fun, as it does not involve real bets.

You might still need to sign up to use a casino to do this, as some do not allow anyone to play if they are not a member of that site.

You don’t need to play for real money until you’re ready

You should be able to sign up for a free casino account with no issue. This means you can access all their games and see which ones you might want to check out more closely. You can then make your selection and try some demos before considering how to progress.

Some players never move beyond this stage. However, if you do like the idea of wagering for real, make sure you only bet with money you can afford to let go of.

Are Bitcoin casinos becoming more common?

We think so, yes. It is more common than ever to see Bitcoin included in the selection of banking methods for regular casinos. You can also find a few casinos that are based only on Bitcoin as a payment method. Some might offer a few other virtual currencies too, and this trend doesn’t show any sign of stopping.

How can you find out more about the newest casinos?

There are traditionally lots of reviews online about various casinos, so it isn’t too hard to learn more about a casino that has only just appeared. While it does not have a track record to go by, you can check out the company behind it. Some are run by well-known companies that already have other casinos online. You should also check whether its certificate is valid. If not, don’t trust it.

How to find live dealer casinos

Not all casinos bother including games with live dealers involved. You can typically find out if a casino has live dealer games on offer by looking in two places:

1. In the main menu across the top of the site – the live dealer area is sometimes separated from the rest of the casino 2. In the categories provided inside the casino

If you cannot find anything in those places, there likely aren’t any live dealer games to look for. If you do find some, you should see blackjack, baccarat, and roulette among the most popular games.

What does instant play mean?

You might see this mentioned at many online casinos. It means you will use a casino that works with your browser to present the games you choose to play. It is an easy and quick way to start playing games, requiring no downloaded software from the casino itself.

Is mobile play becoming more popular?

It is – lots of casinos either offer mobile sites or have a website that is responsive regardless of how you choose to visit it. Some ask you to download a free app to access the games, but it seems more common nowadays to play games without doing this. You should be able to access a casino on Android and iOS devices, with tablets and smartphones both fine to use.

What are casino apps?

As we said above, some casinos do create apps for you to use if you want to play on a tablet or smartphone. The app for your make of phone or tablet would be in the same place you usually visit to get an app. Sometimes, a casino would only have an app for Android or for iOS, but mostly the casinos tend not to bother with them. Instead, you get a fully-fledged mobile site to visit.

What should you expect from casino blogs and forums?

Firstly, it is rare to spot a casino with its own blog, although some do have them. When they do, they tend to publish posts about new games and various other topics relevant to the casino.

It is almost impossible to find a casino with its own forum. Instead, you should look in other places online for websites with forums where casino players can chat about their experiences.

Which casino payment methods are the best ones to use?

The answer to this likely depends on your own preferences and the methods you have access to. Some will prefer Bitcoin casinos because they have a Bitcoin wallet with this virtual currency inside it. Others might go for a credit or debit card or a selected e-wallet.

We think the best option is one you can use for depositing funds and taking them out. If you cannot do this, it means you would need to use two methods instead of one.

Which support options are the best ones to find at an online casino?

We always go for a casino offering live chat, especially if they are fast to respond. It’s good to have email addresses and phone numbers too, but live chat is always going to be the quickest and most convenient method to use.