One thing can definitely be said about online Casino Slots and that is that they are a truly international form of entertainment with no boundaries. Online Casino slots can be found in every country in the world and you can find every style as well ranging from 3 reel slots to 5 reel video slots and progressive slots with large jackpots that can be won. Australians have their own type of slots known as pokies which can be played online from anywhere in the world and the Japanese who have more recently joined the online casino world have their own type of slots called Pachislo.

Where to Play Casino Slots

If you ask anyone who is a seasoned slots player they will tell you that there is no such thing as the best slots and the best slots casinos but there are definitely a number of highly recommended and profitable games that you can play. Whether you are interested in the lively pokies or the Japanese Pachislo or the I-slots or just going for the progressive games you can find something for every taste at online slots casinos. Make sure you look at the added bonuses and special offers that the online slots casino offers you and not just the games as this can often make a significant difference to your gaming chances. And most of all make sure you are comfortable with the online slots casino choice in terms of service and banking, if all of these criteria are met then you will have a fruitful and enjoyable gaming experience.

Fruit Machine Pokies - the Australian Slot Machines

Pokies are the slang name that has stuck for Australian slot machines. Pokies can either be 3 reel slots machines or 5 reel video slots and either can also offer a progressive jackpot. The name pokies has developed over the years from the Video Poker machines that were introduced when gambling became legalized in 1956 in New South Wales, but since the pokies are not poker games, the word poker was adapted to offer the pokies name. Pokies are brightly colored machines that offer a number of different themes, whether you are interested in the make believe or sport, the underworld or the future you can find it all in the Australian pokies. Most games can be played for fun but the real challenge and excitement comes when you play real money games which can range from low to high coin sizes.

Japanese Slot Machines

The Japanese are considered to be late entrants to the online gambling world mainly because in many states it is still illegal to play on the online slot machines. But the Japanese have found a way around this with their special slot machines known as Pachislo. These are skill stop machines and not regular slots or pokies that most players are used to. The Pachislo has spinning reels but there is a preset jackpot and if you hit the stop button at the right time then you can win the preset jackpot. Bets can be low or high depending on the machine and of course the coin size. The Pachislo games are available at Japanese online casinos but anyone from anywhere in the world can opt to play on these.

3 Reel Slot Machines

3 Reel Slots machine or Classic Slots as they are sometimes known are sometimes mistaken as being too simple but they are not. In fact the 3 reel slots often offer more action and faster reaction times than any of the other slots. You can find 3 reel slots with only one payline or with more. Coin bets can range from single coin bets up to 5 coins on one spin. And there are many 3 reel slots games with bonus trails, wild symbols, nudges and holds which add to the excitement of the game and offer more potential chances to win.


5 Reel Slot Machines

5 reel slot machines or video slots as they are often called are the slot machines for online casino play. You can find numerous different types and styles of 5 reel slots machines which cover every subject you can possibly think of and more. There are 5 reel Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds that take place on a separate screen, free spins, scatter multiplying symbols and wild symbols that help to increase your winnings. Each slot machine will have its own rules and paytable, on the paytable you can see the different configuration of paylines that are offered which range from 5 winning paylines up to 50 in some games. Coin sizes vary from game to game and of course you can place multiple coin bets depending on what your budget is and how confident you are in your gaming skills. Many of the 5 reel video slots can be played for fun before you place real money bets, giving you a chance to get to know the game.


Progressive Slots

Progressive slots can be either 3 reel slots or 5 reel video slots. What the progressive means is that there is additional jackpot offered in the game which is made up from a small percentage of each bet placed through links to the same game in multiple casinos. The online casino also contributes to the jackpot and this together with the percentage from the players that play the game, make it a handsome amount to aim for. The progressive jackpot can only be won when the maximum bet is placed in terms of coins but not coin size and it is based on a certain configuration of the symbols in the game. There are also random progressive jackpot games where the progressive jackpot can be awarded randomly at the end of any spin.


i- Slot games

i-Slot games are a relatively new type of slot game which is played as a regular video slot with a few significant differences. Firstly the game is interactive and has a number of different levels, it tells a story and you can make different choices in the story to end up with different games and endings and also bonus opportunities. Most of the i-slots incorporate popular themes that make you want to choose different outcomes and it is a game which you can come back to time and time again for as long as you want and the casino always remembers your settings, i.e. you don’t have to start at the beginning again. Playing i-slots is like embarking on a long but potentially very fruitful and interesting journey.