Slot Payouts

Before you get too in depth about the specific video slot payouts, you should familiarize yourself with the overall idea of the casino payouts.

The general idea on the casino payouts is that it is not the same as what you will win or could win… usually you will see a number such as 96%, and it does not mean you will win 96% of your bets; it simply tells you that for a particular range of time, on every bet of $100 dollars, a random lucky player will get paid-out $96 dollars.

In terms of slots games and slots machines, it would be on their particular live span - at least for the offline, land-based casinos. Online casino on the other hand will do the same as other casino games, which is for certain time frames they set-up.

Each video slot will have their own separate payout number, and so for brick-and-mortar casinos as in Vegas, you will generally find the best payout games situated close to the entrances, with the idea that the jackpots sirens will entice pedestrians and possible gamblers into the casino floor. However, these slot games are normally not the ones with the best jackpot prizes, as those are usually deep inside, and with some lower percentages.

Another point to take into account is that the slot payouts are not at all related to your winning odds - slots games are quite random both online and off - and quite dependant on luck, unfortunately; so remember, you are there to have fun, entertain yourself for a while, and not to chase a percentage.

Choosing Slots

Here are some tips on which slot machines - video slots to choose, or at least to consider.

First off, remember to look for those slot machines with the higher payback percentages, as they might help you earn more - but, you might want to look for those that also have a low hit frequency - or in other words, that have not paid-out in a while to any players. Why? - Well, the more frequent a slot is hit, while having a high payout percentage, then the less it will payout in terms of cash too - less of a jackpot for you to win. So, choose a high percentage with a low hit rate.

It is hard to locate these, so just ask for loose slot machines at offline casinos (give a tip for the information), and at online casinos, look for recent wins or the jackpot amounts too - plus the percentages of course. Stay on the lookout for games with the most winnings on low symbol combinations - these are the ones that will help you extend your game in terms of keeping up with your strategy and budget - you can see this in the slot games' payout tables and schedules.

Finally, keep a good note that casinos can change all of the above variables when they desire. They can change the payout percentage, the hit frequency, the winnings on low symbols vs. high ones, and so forwards (offline casinos in the United States will need approval from the State Gambling Counsel, but they still can change it - while online casinos can do it much faster). So keep track of this constantly, as your favorite slot games could be the worse to be playing at next week.