Hot Or Cold Machines – Do They Really Exist Online?

Everyone that enjoys playing the slot machines knows the thrill of hitting a "hot" machine where every spin of the reels ends up with some time of a payout. These games, also known as loose slots, do happen and are a reality both in online gaming as well as in-house. Knowing what machines are hot and winning and which machines are cold and simply spinning is all part of the appeal of slot gaming through US Rival online casinos, Liberty Slots Casino, Bovada Casino or even the ever popular US CTXM online casinos.

Hot Versus Cold

In reality most slot machines, including online slots, will have times when they run hot and times when they seem to be cold if not down right subzero. This all has to do with the luck of the spin as well as the payout percentage. Machine payout percentages are calculated over the life of the machine, or over a significant time period. It is possible to hit a time when the reels just don't line up, but then in the next hour, day or week all of a sudden the symbolize line up for those winning combinations. On average, most machines of the same type of game have the same overall payout percentage, but day to day there can be significant variation.

Casinos offering no deposit bonuses

Some online casinos offer gamers the opportunity to play for free money, even without requiring a deposit to get started. For those that are just learning about online slots this is a great opportunity to dip your toe into the water without risk. Typically the bonus cash is capped; however it can be fairly substantial. Free spin slots are another great idea to get familiar with the different games and learn the payouts and rules. Read our casinos offering no deposit bonuses article.

Ideas For Fun Slots

The best way to get started is to find a reputable online casino such as Lincoln Casino, US Rival online casinos or US CTXM online casinos and try some of the free games. download Double Fruit Monkey Slot, Karaoke Slots or Jurassic Slots and start playing. In addition you may want to also add a few other options, download Freaky Fruit Slots to see a fun bonus round that lets you create your own tropical drink, of course it also has great payouts and lots of outstanding graphics and sounds.