Free Casino Money

You might be a bit cynical and think that nothing in life is for free; well this is not true especially when it comes to online casinos. Lately more and more of the better online casinos are coming up with new and more exciting ways to encourage players to their casino and one of the most popular ways is to offer free money. This free money can come in a number of ways which can entice but also confuse you. Here we detail some of the things to look out for and ask you when checking out which casino to play at and which casino free money bonus to take advantage of;

What is Free Casino Money?

Free casino money can come in a number of forms, it can be a no strings attached bonus which is paid out to you when you become a real money player and have registered and downloaded the casino. At Paradise 8 Casino, you can receive $10 free before you even deposit your own money but on condition that you have registered as a new player and have either downloaded the casino or logged on to the no download version which is played directly from the web browser of the casino. Download Paradise 8 Casino and get $10 free casino money.

Do I need to do something to get the Free Money?

Depending on which casino you have chosen to play at, there may be a promotional code for you to enter in order to receive the free money, once you have become a new player at the casino. At Cool Cat casino, once you have register as a new player you need to enter the code 1000BONUS EXPLOSION in order to automatically receive the $100 free bonus money that they are giving away. Download Cool Cat Casino and receive the $100 free bonus money.

Is there are Time limit on using the Free Money?

With some casinos they want you to use the free money within a certain time and this will always be detailed on the terms and conditions page. It is always important to read all of the terms and conditions so that you know what you are letting yourself in for before you take advantage of the free money. At Ruby Royal casino where you can receive $11 in free casino money, you have to have a play through of 25x in order to be able to claim back any winnings and use it for yourself. A play through means that you have to have betted the $11 at least 25x over in order to profit from any winnings. Download Ruby Royal casino and receive $11 in free casino money!

Can I get the Free Bonus Money more than once?

No, the free bonus money is a one off payment for new players and it does have a few restrictions including time limits and of course you must be a registered member of the casino in order to take advantage of it.

Can I Withdraw the Free Bonus Money without using it?

No, you cannot withdraw the free bonus money without having wagered it. It is given to you as a promotion to help you get used to the different games and choose the games that you prefer and want to concentrate on. When you have succeeded the play through you can withdraw any of the extra money that is left over.

Do I lose the Free bonus Money when I Deposit Real Money?

NO the opposite is the case. If you deposit your own real money you will still be able to use the free money but it will remain in a separate balance called a bonus balance until you have managed the full play through that is required. At Cool Cat Casino you have to complete a play through of 20x before you can move the remaining money into your regular casino account. Cool Cat casino also offers a 5 day match balance where you have 5 days to play through the free money and as long as you have played through the 20 x, you receive the ruminating money and can withdraw it or use it for other games.

This sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?

There is no catch when it comes to free casino money; Casinos like Paradise8, Ruby Royal Casino and Cool cat casino give the money with no strings attached. They are all casinos that want to encourage and promote their own casinos in addition to providing the best that they can for their members and this is the way that the feel they can do it.