All Progressive Wager Tech Slots

Progressive slots are slot games that are played as a regular slot with the addition of progressive jackpot. There are two types of progressive jackpots, ones that can be won totally at random at the end of a spin, these are known as random progressive jackpots. And there are standard progressive jackpots which can be won by landing a certain configuration of symbols which are predefined in the instructions of the game, as long as a maximum coin bet has been made. The value of the progressive jackpots all start at different levels and grow with the more players that join the game from different casinos offering the same game. Wager Tech which offers slots and other casino games for US and international players offers a range of progressive slots games that are easy to play and very generous. There are many different themes including a cute patriotic progressive three reel single payline slots game specially for the American players; red white and blue slots. All of the games can be previewed at Wager Tech casinos but they cannot be played for fun because of the progressive jackpots which are linked between casinos.