Gambling Bonus

There is more than one type of gambling bonus offered in the US online casinos of today. This is a fact that most regular players are aware of. However, the classification of the many types of gambling bonus would take quite some time to complete. It is easier to remember the differences in the gambling bonus promotions by separating them into two very broad, and very simple to understand categories.

Gambling Bonus Categories

One category contains the types of gambling bonus that any player who comes into an online casino and completes all of the necessary requirements can receive. These are not usually large gambling bonuses, only medium sized because of the slight effort needed by a player to fulfil all of the tasks that are necessary for gambling bonus eligibility. Larger gambling bonuses generally have some fairly stiff requirements that only a high roller would be able to meet. Typically, the large bonuses at US online casinos are a part of a promotion where in order to receive a big gambling bonus, you must make a large wager, and a certain percentage of that wager is your gambling bonus. Players who are new to a casino will often have their first deposit matched as a gambling bonus.

The Tournament Gambling Bonus

Another category of gambling bonus is suitable for everyone, whether these folks are an online casino newbies, or a high roller who bets big and wins big. There is always a virtual air of excitement whenever one of these promotions is introduced as a gambling bonus. Competition is keen, and there are no winners who have not earned that title. Most of the time, this type of gambling bonus is found in tournament play. The players with the highest scores are the ones who share the winnings.

Lucky Draw Gambling Bonus

Entry fees are common when competing for this type of gambling bonus. This makes a promotion of this sort popular, because no one who participates stands to lose no more than the amount of the entry fee. A fun category of gambling bonus is called the Lucky Draw. All players who have bet a certain amount will receive a ticket to a drawing that is held at a pre-determined time. The person with the winning ticket number receives the prize.

CTXM and XCasino

The proliferation of online gambling bonuses goes quite well with CTXM and their XCasino, which has been described as "end to end" online casino software. The XCasino software can be customized minutely, which means that casino operators will have many choices of gambling bonuses for their customers.