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If you love playing the new I-Slots, you can thank Rival Casinos for developing this new software. Featuring multi-reel and multi-line slots, Rival Casinos has paved the way for interactive games that have become so popular among online casino players. Moreover, the sound and graphic features are so amazing that players return again and again just experience the excitement associated with this new software.

In fact, players agree that whether it’s classic slot games or the I-Slot series, these have become the jewel in the crown for Rival Casinos.

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Rival New Slots Carry Fun Themes

It seems that the slot developers at Rival software are in the party mood this year, with the Rival new slots all having light hearted themes and colorful graphics for players to enjoy. One of the latest Rival new slots is Plunk-Oh slots, which is based upon a game show from the past and let’s players enjoy the slot all the way to a giant payout. Party Parrot is another of the latest Rival new slots, where the main parrot character is literally having a party in the jungle while players spin the reels. Big Bang Buckaroo, another Rival new slots release, is perhaps one of the more interesting in themes. This slot game mixes cowboys and cyborgs, to help players party their way through the “new” Wild West.

Rival Bonuses Offer Free Spins On New Rival Releases

One of the fastest ways for a new slot game to gain popularity is for casinos to offer free spins associated with it. Players are often hesitant to try new casino slots because they’re leery about spending money on games they’re unfamiliar with and don’t know the exact rules of. However, Rival bonuses are offered at most Rival casinos that give players free spins on the newest titles. This encourages players to try the new games and become familiar with their features and rules, before they have to invest their own money by playing them.

Do you know where to get the latest welcome deals and offers for a new Rival casino in 2019?

There is nothing quite like visiting a new online casino, is there? Maybe the idea of visiting a new Rival casino would top everything else though. In 2019, we’ve discovered some amazing new casinos delivering all the finest slots from this software developer. We’re going to share our top picks with you here, so there is no need to search to find the best casinos powered by Rival that deliver all their best games. Throw in their newest titles and some great welcome deals to bring in the players and you can see these new casinos are top of the crop.

Rival Tournaments Are Known For Speed & Fairness

Industry experts agree that Rival tournaments are some of the most popular tournaments in the online casino industry. The one thing that allows Rival tournaments to rise above the rest is the fact that their platform allows for unmatched speed for players. There is nothing more frustrating for a player than for the connection to be bogged down due to so many people participating in the tournament, but this never happens with Rival. Rival has a way of avoiding this, which makes players run to the Rival tournaments more than any others.