CTXM is the power behind the games you love to play. They know how to navigate the multifarious world of iGaming, from applications and content, to services and providers. Providing products, IT consulting, and development services to the online casinos you frequent.

CTXM designs include the lobbies and games that are customized to your favorite gaming platforms. They build the casinos and the games as well as the poker, sportsbook and bingo venues. Their games give you an improved gaming experience by mimicking the real-world sports games and by creating unique designs that take advantage of the benefits of online gaming. Blending console gaming networks with web based Flash games and making it possible for you to play with your friends or as a single player. As well as hosting you on leader boards, challenges and tournaments. CTXM is there when you are between placing bets in sportsbooks or being dealt your next hand in poker, with Mini-Games for your enjoyment. And of course, they make a large variety of Slots. Chances are you've played a CTXM game at some point, maybe without realizing it.

What You're Playing

  • I love the changing backgrounds, extensive features and whimsical themes of CTXM slots. Mystic Slots for example. Play up to five coins as Spell books, Crystal Balls and Creepy Creatures spin on the five reels and nine paylines of Mystic Slots. With three special symbols -The Mummy provides you with Free Spins, the Werewolf is wild and the Vampire activates the Bonus Game - Mystic Slots provides a variety of interest for your entertainment. And when you win, Mystic Slots fills your screen with brightly illustrated and classically worded messages of your success.

  • Or if you like a video slot with more paylines, try Totem Quest 25-line Video Slot. Play the more lines to drastically increase your chances to win! And take advantage of the Free Spins that are triggered by hitting multiple Scatter symbols. But the best part of this game is the chance to play three different Bonus Games. And you know with these bright background choices, this game will never get dull.

  • Or for a different experience, but still with all the action, try Archipelago Slots with all its alluring features, 5 reels and 25 partylines. This slot takes you to Wind World, Forest World, Electric World and Crystal World with its variety of interesting symbols. Like Totem Quest and Mystic Slots, Archipelago Slots has Free Spins triggered by the Scatter Symbol and a Wild Symbol that replaces the other game symbols, increasing your chance to win. And if the Wild Symbol appears on the third reel, you get to play the MegaWild feature! And you'll also have the opportunity to play the Spirits of Nature Bonus Game. Finish all the rounds and witness some interesting changes.

Why You're Playing

You should look for CTXM powered casinos the next time you play online. CTXM builds superior games, providing a rich and exciting gaming experience, using only the state of the art multimedia software, equipment and specialists. CTXM games are available through the leading brands in the online market. And they have proven their development expertise, attention to maintenance, and customer support with their work in sportsbooks and online casinos for over 5 years.

CTXM, along with foremost game publishers and IP owners, has brought you most of your Xbox 1 casual gaming titles. And they are a global leader for XBLA development. They have over 500 casual game titles to their credit since 2004 and they have co-published another 85 so far.

CTXM has supplied security services to some of the biggest iGaming companies online. With offices in the UK and the US, Latvia and Luxembourg and development centers in Riga, Latvia and Minsk, Belarus; they have setup geographically distributed secure computer systems and networks.

CTXM is a subsidiary of Com-Tec-Co (Luxembourg) SA. Group, an offshoot C.T.Co. Since beginning in 2001, and branching off on their own in 2003, CTXM gives their affiliates the competitive edge; filtering that added value down to you, the player. Where their fingerprints remain, there is also innovation, efficiency, and the highest standards in IT design and development. CTXM is certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for complying with ISO 9001:2001 and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) for fulfilling the software development maturity model CMMI L3. You can count on CTXM to provide you with a secure and reliable gaming experience. Insist on casinos and gaming platforms that are partners with CTXM.