Soft Magic Dice

Soft Magic Dice might be a new player since 2012 as a software and service provider for online casino operators (sites) but one thing it is not is unexperienced. 30 years in the market from different branches of the industry marks it as a top player that will rival the 4 market leaders (RTG, TOPGAME, RIVAL, VEGEASTECH) with its complete service package, fully live and data focused gaming platform but mostly for its integrative features designed to cope with competitor platforms.

Yes that is correct, SMD can integrate all of the services from RTG, Topgame, Rival and VEGEASTECH and its own into one single platform. Not only is the Soft Magic Dice software dynamic and fully custom designed per client requirements, the SMD team can handle any of the operator's administrative functions like transactions, support, marketing plan and execution.

Soft Magic is definitely the best of gaming solutions any experienced or new operator in the market requires to cope with increasing competition and customer demands. By 2017 they envision themselves to be one of the top 3 providers, but they could even manage to be number 1 by then.


SMD offers 24 hours daily support 365 days a year. The service is top quality after learning the gritty-nitty of the online casino market. Online support that can handle demanding customers is the key for a casino´s reputation in this world of buzz, were customer reviews define success or death; live chat, email, phone and even SMS support.

As this service is oriented to operators themselves the importance of support lies mainly on the live chat support. The service is built in the software, so operators can contact support anytime but also the technicians can contact players as they play.

Payment Methods

SMD has its very own cashier system PCI-DSS certified, which encrypts all transactions going in or out from the casino. The Cashier system in integrated within the software so casino customers do not have to go back to the lobby to handle their transactions. A nice functionality is that the Cashier can be custom designed in different modules as the operator requires it for his project. Payment solutions integrated within Soft Magic Dice:

  • Visa/Master/Amex
  • CUP
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecopay
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • Bank wires
  • Check21
  • ACH

*If any operator requires the use of another gateway, wallet service or banking method SMD will integrate it within the software as custom design is their strength.

Hosting Services and Software Integration

Soft Magic Dice servers are hosted in Telecity3, London with an uptime efficiency of 99.98 percent, rarely will a casino find itself offline. Technical service is included 24 hours a day for whatever issue may arise. Need to integrate a third party software? SMD is willing to cope with any time of third party software clients require and will find a technical solution for their needs.

Fraud Counter Attack

The software works with the latest fraud mechanism´s to detect multiple user accounts and prohibited users from banned countries. Machine id´s, IP´s, physical addresses, Emails and other user data is mined by the software that will trigger warning signals to the support staff for further inquiry. The trigger can freeze accounts and any transaction capability.

Customize triggers can be implemented per operator requirement.

Player Live Chat

This feature is really well thought out and perfected to the core. When players access the live chat window support agents can visualize the player information instantly:

  • Username
  • Personal details, phone number, email
  • Transaction history
  • Playing history
  • Previous claims and notes

This allows for a more personal and efficient support method, but additionally the system is designed to offer current live bonuses and promotions to please the customer as his a solution to his problem is given.

Affiliate System

Soft Magic has its own built in affiliate system which is integrated with the 4 biggest game platform providers:

  • RTG

The friendly initiative allows an operator with several casino´s with different provider, to offer all of the affiliate programs in one single platform. This is more user friendly for affiliates and also cost effective in terms of license fees.

Casino Management

SoftMagicDice is not only a gaming platform with several technical solutions, it also offers a full Casino management service. This saves time for operators who usually have to find a third party provider. Soft Magic Casino does all the work for you!

  • Internal Marketing
  • Fraud Security
  • Retention
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Affiliates

This casino service could even be incredibly productive if you leave all the time consuming aspects to SMD who will handle the service with expertise while your team focuses on core business functions where they are strong in and generates key revenue. SMD is happy to join venture with your casino and define a marketing plan and goal targeting. You will have to define your marketing plan, your target area to work on or if none is developed yet the team will do it for you.

Real-Time Event Tracking

The system and SMD personnel tracks real time everything that goes inside of the online casino. If any abnormal situation occurs agents will contact your support staff to follow up the event. Support staff is also evaluated constantly with instant data generated as they interact with customers.


Soft Magic Dice tailors your own promotions and bonuses offers. In the advanced section operators can find more than 110 bonuses already designed and tested for use. If you require a tailored promotion the SMD team will test it out on a simulation with 1000 players wagering 1 Million times to make sure the promo is profitable in a certain time frame. This is also a great way to evaluate and compare the best promo strategies.


Aside from the above mentioned chat services, SMD also offers several different communication methods.

  • VOIP calling system
  • Service numbers all over the world
  • Switch board, to handle several calls at the same time
  • Call recorder
  • SMD mailing system that allows to design campaigns, create customer lists, etc.
  • Newsletter strategy were the SMD team will design your graphics, creative copy and promotions.


As previously explained SMD can monitor every action of players and support staff alike on the platform. But not only there, phone calls, emails and even video surveillance of each individual staff member.


The software is random certified by ITECH Labs and the cashier service is PCI-DSS compliant.

Platform Integration

As mentioned the Soft Magic Dice team is very compliant to work with rival gaming platforms like:

  • Rival
  • RTG

If an operator works with one or all of these SMD can integrate all of their different services like transactions, chat support, player data base, affiliates, etc.


SMD currently offers these game categories:

  • Slot games
  • Baccarat variations
  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Progressive Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo
  • Dingo
  • Black Jack
  • Scratch

*Here is a game review of three of their games

Odin's Loot Slot Game Review

Odin´s Loot is a 3 reel 3 line slot game, the simpler type of all reels. The max bet is $0.10 per line with a 1-3x multiplier. Odin´s Loot submerges in the life and Viking mythology of Odin "The Furious One", the God of all gods in Norse beliefs. Odin´s power was felt in Europe, Africa, Asia and even the northern Americas. The game focuses on a Viking warrior that loots these lands in the name of the great god! An epic adventure of ancient times with plenty of treasure to be found.

Game Features

Wild: Odin is the wild symbol which can stand for all other symbols and pays 3x every time it triggers a bet. Jackpot: To claim the big jackpot of 4,200 credits you need to get the Odin symbol with the green deity.

Fiesta slot game review

Fiesta is a 25 line 3 reel slot machine with a $0.10 Max bet per line and $0.01 - 1x multipliers. Fiesta is the popular Mariachi from Mexico themed slot game that have been so popular on all other casino gaming platforms. Get ready for some sunburn and loud guitars because this game is a party with fast track music full of cheerful icons.

Bonus: Try the margaritas before you strike the piñata to claim the bonus by getting 3 Party Piñatas on a reel. All wins within the bonus are multiplied by your total bet and added to the pay-line wins.

Wild: Once more like in the popular mariachi styled reels from other platforms the donkey is the Wild. It does not substitute the scatter or bonus symbol but any other will replace it to increase player chances of winning.

Free Spins: The Mexican Villa is the scatter which will trigger Free Spins whenever a player gets 3, 4 or 5 of them on a line. All free spin wins are multiplied by the total bet and added to pay-line wins.

Gamble: Gamble is a nice new feature that can double or quadruple your win. When you are feeling lucky and with the urge to multiply your wins into a hefty reward with one spin, then trigger the gamble button to win up to 10 times more per spin.

Jewels of the Dead Slot Casino Review

This is a 5 reel 15 line slot game with a $0.10 Max bet per line and $0.01 - 1x multipliers with a Gamble feature.

As you enter the graveyard spook´s and growls haunt from the shadows. You dig the graveyards in hopes of finding jewels and gold taken to the grave by the rich dead who do not depart from their precious even in the afterlife. But evil dangers lurk about; werewolves, ghouls and mystery night creatures will make your task not an easy one.

Wild: Skeletons in coffins of the poor dead you are robbing are the Wild and will substitute all symbols except the scatter. Scatter: Skeletons with Gold are the scatter symbol. With 3, 4 or 5 of them you will trigger free spins that will added to payline wins.