USA Legislation

There have been many changes in USA gambling legislation over the past few years, and almost all of those changes have been for the better as far as the slots and casino games player is concerned. We've seen a huge change in attitude towards online casino gaming in the US with many states embracing it and regulated it, and now in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey playing online is fully regulated by the state. There are many other states that are at least at the stage where it is being considered, and as little is being done at a federal level individual states are taking it upon themselves to at least discuss the prospect of regulated gaming in their jurisdictions. Of course many US slots players choose to play at the many quality online casinos that welcome them, and no matter what laws change in the US it doesn't affect them, however this softening of attitude is good news all round for the US online casino gambler. Here we'll bring you updates and news of gaming regulation across the US, and we hope that it continues to be good news.