Dr. M. Brace Slots

We are off to see the doctor and it is all for the wrong reasons! O how we can feign injury, pain or ill-health just to get up close and personal with the dashing doctor at the hospital around the corner. Perhaps it is the fixed jackpot of $200 000, who knows! Good looks, incredible charm and money all go hand in hand.

The 5 reel slot is set right in the middle of a hospital corridor with gleaming floors and the heart monitor at the top of the reels proudly displays the name of the most popular doctor in the hospital wards.

Extending your hospital stay

There are 25 ways to win per spin so be sure to take advantage of this by betting on all 25 paylines. This is done by placing 25 coins down. Your bet size can now be adjusted up or down by tampering with the coin size. The maximum bet is $500 so adjust your settings with extreme care. On the other extreme it is possible to spin on all paylines for 25c.

It is great to have a slot that can be played for 1c per line but with multipliers and free spins whose wins are based on your bet settings it is not advisable to have your bet too low. Pushing it up too high can mean that you don't stay on the reels long enough to benefit from free spins or the fun and flirty bonus rounds. Start off low and slowly increase it to a comfortable level.

Trust the doctor and his staff to heal all your aches and pains

The charming and well built Dr M. Brace features on reel one. The flirtatious Nurse Chastity frolics on the far right hand reel. Both of these symbols act as wild symbols. They work together to complete wins. When these 2 symbols appear on the same screen on their respective reels they trigger the Liaison Feature.

The heart is the scatter symbol. The scatter is special because no other symbol can stand in for the scatter. The scatters also do not need to be on the same payline nor do they need to be on an enabled payline to pay out. Though these payouts are based on how many scatter symbols there are on the screen at any one time there is no fixed prize, rather it acts as a multiplier and multiplies your bet usually pays out significant win! On a max bet, 5 scatters can reward you with a heart-shuddering $75 000! The heart is the survival center of the body and sometimes it can do with a bit of a booster, perhaps it is for this reason that 2 or more hearts at once will top you up with as many as 20 free spins where all wins are automatically doubled!

The resuscitation equipment is the most valuable of all hospital equipment. Without it disaster reigns but should it fill an entire payline the massive jackpot will be awarded. The only other hospital symbol is the sponge and basin. The remainder of the symbols are BARs and fruits

Is there a doctor in the house?

While just being in the presence of Dr. M. Brace is a bonus there are 2 bonuses that are worth their weight in gold. The free spins can top you up after a bad round or simply get you into the lead. The amount of spins awarded is dependent on how many scattered hearts are on the screen together. Two hearts will set off 5 spins while as many as 20 spins are allocated for 5 scatters. So spread the love!

The Liaison Feature is granted when the two wild colleagues appear together in the same spin. Dr. M. Brace is missing but he is certainly behind one of these curtains. Out of the 5 green hospital curtains you can choose only 3, so choose carefully!

Based on a comedy this game is sure to tickle your funny bone. Get an account at any one of Cryptologic's casinos and start playing the hospital reels.