Movie Slots

Everyone has their favourite film. Whether it is comedy, drama or epic action - there is something for everyone at the box office. This is also true of online slot games. There is a theme for everyone - even the movie lover.

Comedy Slots

Comedies and Slots are both about having a good time and if you play a slot based on a movie comedy like The Naked Gun, you have to read through all the pages so you don't miss a joke. Although the movie was released in 1988, The Naked Gun video slot game made its debut just this year. All the zany characters are back to fill the 5 reels and 20 paylines with giggles, nostalgia and above all else, cash.

Lieutenant Frank Drebin always got his man and if you believe that, you can pay as little as 1 cent and one payline. But I remember luck playing a big part in any success he had, so I recommend you take advantage of all 20 paylines to make sure Frank is at the right place at the right time. And if you've got the guts, you can bet as much as $500.00 per spin.

The Police Squad badge will get you out of any scrape, replacing all other symbols except the police siren. Three sirens will trigger the Naked Gun feature games, four in all that you can choose from: Ludvig's Dead, Meinhelmer's Birthmark, Killer Guard Dogs or Frank's Greatest Hits. You'll want to play them all.

Dramatic Slots

Slots aren't just about having a laugh, there is a bit of drama to them as well. When you hold your breath as the symbols fall into place, it's much like those classic movie scenes where you were waiting to find out just what was going to happen next.

Another new movie slot is based on 1994's Forrest Gump featuring all your favourite characters and iconic images from the movie. Jenny, Lieutenant Dan, a box of chocolates, a football, ping pong paddles, just to name a few. Forrest Gump slot has 25 paylines and is connected to a progressive jackpot known as the Hollywood Jackpot, which you can randomly win at any time.

The iconic image of Forrest Gump sitting on a park bench substitutes for all other symbols except the scattered chocolates. And he doubles your winnings when he's apart of the winning combination.

Have three or more boxes of chocolates on your screen to trigger the Box of Chocolates feature game and open a box for 9 chocolates. Chocolates drop during the 5 rounds. Click the chocolate boxes to win more. After your extra rounds are won, chocolates drop into the grid where matching chocolates will score and open up space for new chocolates to drop. 3 to 5 footballs trigger the Run Forrest Run feature. Tell Forest to start running down the football field. You have control, so move him out of the way of his opponents. For every 10 yards he passes without being tackled, you win. When he scores a touchdown, you win even more.

Action Slots

And of course, slots are an experience in action of sometimes epic proportions, especially when you win. One of the great epic movies of the '90s was Braveheart and they've finally made a slot about it. Many of your beloved moments are relived in Braveheart slot, like in the "Kilt Lift" feature activated with the kilt symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4. Now, lift up the kilt. Don't be shy; this time what's under the kilt is a cash prize.

But Braveheart wasn't all about those silly moments, and neither is the slot. In the "Battle Free Games" feature, England and Scotland battle for victory and victory means winnings. 3 or more scattered weapons win you 10 free spins with double payouts. Now when you spin, each Braveheart symbol advances the Scottish side, and each Longshanks symbol advances the English side. We're all hoping the Scottish win, but even more in this feature, because if the Scottish side is ahead at the end of the battle, you can win up to 100 times your bet!

The Braveheart online slot machine is also connected with the Hollywood Jackpot. Remember this is a completely random jackpot. It doesn't matter where the reels land for you to win - it can happen any time. Remember that when you are placing you bets, because the more you wager per spin, the better your chances are of winning.

Winning Movies

There are slots on virtually any theme you can think of, but the movie themes are some of the best. They are another way to enjoy the movie you loved and watched over and over again until you overheated your player or annoyed the other people in the room. Now you can enjoy your favourite moments and characters in these slots machines which capture the themes and allow you to experience them in a whole new way. And with the Hollywood Jackpot there are even more reasons to go to the movies. Play one of your favourite movies as a slot game today.