Slots and Casino Myths

Like most aspects in life there are myths and legends attached to them, slots and casinos are not left out of this and there are many a 'folklore' spread across the slots machines, the gaming tables and the casinos themselves. Also just like most superstition not very much is based on fact but from ideas that people get and pass them on.

Slot machines today are a far cry from the slots of yesteryear, and today all slots machines are controlled by computers that have a micro chip embedded, these are pre-programmed at the factory and cannot be changed.

The only people who benefit from your fears due to legends and myths that are spread are the casino themselves, as most myths encourage you to spend more that you intend. Once you have got the myths sorted out you can put aside your fears, and spend your time at the gaming tables enjoying your random wins and just play for the fun of playing on slots and casino games.

Someone hits the jackpot on machine you have just left.

Your thought will be on the fact that if you had stayed you would have won that jackpot. But that's no guarantee that you would have won even if you had stayed on the machine. Slot machines are controlled by what is called RNG (Random Number Generator), the timing of the spin when you hit that button is no indication of when you will win or lose. The RNG is completely autonomous, it quietly works in the background, and your timing of Playing the Slots will probably not be the same as the next spin. The changes of you pushing the button at the precise second the next player pushed the button are thousand's to one. While you stop to say hello to a friend the machine continues pushing out numbers, it never stops.

The megabucks myth

Megabucks legends of misses are two a penny, so many tales told of fortune just missed, this happen in any gaming situation, many a tale in racing circles has been told of a horse that just missed the winning post, so too in the casino world there are tales that are told and increase with incredulity with each telling. These myths usually center about the megabucks progressive slots jackpots. As the jackpots increase in value so more tales are whispered in players ears. Once again the jackpots are randomly selected and no one knows when that selection will take place.

You are able to predict the odds of wining by counting the symbols

If you knew the exact combinations set into the random selection you might come close but the chances are indeed slim you get it right, you only see a small portions of the symbols. For instance, a three reel machine with 25 symbols visible you might figure 25 x 25 x 25 = 15620 combinations and your chance of being able to hit the jackpot will be 1 in 15620. the reality of the situation is vastly different, it will depend on what the compute chip has been programmed. The truth is very likely 254 x 254 x 254 = which will equal 16,387,054 different combination before it hit the jackpot. Because this is pre-programmed you never now each of the hundreds of machines in a casino's combination as each one is most likely set to a different number. This is also good for you as the casino's can afford to offer more attractive jackpots as a result

Myths of changing the carpets in a casino

This is an interesting theory that was started around 1997 that the casino need to change their carpets on a regular basis as many Asian players wont leave the table or slots to take a bath room break. The color, thickness or state of the carpet has no bearing on the machines and this is a silly 'old wives tale' with no basis on fact. An spin on that carpet variation is that people will not leave their machine to change their underwear for fear of losing 'their' lucky machine to someone else and lost the chance of the jackpot.