Pai Gow Casinos

Pai Gow Poker had becoming increasingly popular at online casinos and there are several online casinos that offer this interesting game. If you like Poker you will be sure to like to play Pai Gow Poker. The game itself is based on Asian or Chinese tile game of Pai Gow, but is presented in a poker form. In the original Tile game a dice is used, however online Pai Gow Poker it is not needed as the dice determines the order of play. Online Pai Gow Poker is played on a table with the casino dealer and one person.

Poker with an interesting twist.

The game is quite simple to play; if you understand the basics of poker you will find Pai Gow Poker quite easy. The game play is quite simple. The dealer and you are each dealt 7 cards, dealers face down and yours face up. Out of these seven cards you need to create two winning hands. Your main hand must consist of 5 card and the secondary hand has only 2 cards.

Once you have elected your two card hand by clicking on the two cards you think will make the best two card hand, the rest of the cards form the five card hand. Once you have made your choice then press "Done" and the dealers hand will open and a comparison will be made against the 4 hands. The best hand wins.

The best two card hand is always a pair of aces. These are followed by pairs in various sequences. If no pair in either dealer two card hand or your hand then the highest value cards wins. The two card hand does not have flushes or straights.

The five card hand works exactly like normal poker with the exception of 'the wheel' that is a straight consisting of A 2 3 4 5, this is classified as a 'high straight' this hand can only lose to an Ace King Straight or a better hand for instance a full house or a flush.

There is one rule, that is important to know, your five card hand has to be stronger than your two card hand. The casino software will soon point out of you get this wrong.

How the Joker works

The joker does not substitute for the 53-deck of cards, therefore it is what is called a 'semi-wild' joker. You can use the joker to complete a straight, flush, straight flush, and to replace an Ace. The joker cannot be used as a substitute king, for instance, in the two card hand to complete a pair of kings.

The objective of the Game

You need to win both hands against the dealer's pair of hands. If only one hand wins then it's is considered a 'push', this means neither hand wins and no money is exchanged. When you win you will be paid even money less five percent commission to the casino on the win.

Learning how to play is easy

Pai Gow Poker offers the option to play for real money or to play for fun without the chance of losing money. If you are not familiar with the game then that is good strategy, learn how to play before wagering your money. One of the nice things of Pai Gow is the 'House Way' button. Sometimes you may be undecided how to split the cards, there will be time when it's an obvious good choice and you go ahead. But when you get those hands that are a little too difficult to decide the 'House Way' button comes into its own. Press that and it will sort your cards into what it thinks is be best hand to give you optimal chance of winning. Some Casino's reward you if you use the 'House Way button".

Where to play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is very popular in the United States of America and there are many online casinos that cater for US Players. Take a look at the following casinos where US players will be welcomed to Play Pai Gow Poker:

  1. Liberty Slots Casino - new WGT casino!

  2. Silver Oak Casino - most popular!

  3. Planet 7 Casino
  4. Pure Vegas Casino
  5. WinPalace Casino
  6. Spartan Slots Casino
  7. American no deposit online casinos

Each of these casinos offer bonuses for signing up, welcome US players and offer the opportunity to win as well as have loads of fun at Pai Gow Poker.