Love Potion Video Slot

Eros, Philos and Agape, the three types of love, have clubbed together for 2010's most loving romantic game: Love Potion Video Slot. With five reels and nine paylines this game set out in the classic slots layout, but the unique gamble option and various interactive flash games make this slot anything other than the norm. After all, love is supposed to be unpredictable, right?

There's no need for rose tinted glasses either, as everything already looks great thanks to the high quality graphics used for Love Potion Slots. New players will also be astonished at how quick and easy it is to download, install and use the software needed for this game. Download and play Love Potion Video Slot now!

Learning the Best Way to Pluck the Heart Strings

Testing your true spontaneity is this game's Gamble Option which allows you to double or even quadruple what you win if you manage to predict the suit and color of the upcoming card. This is available during bonus rounds which multiply winnings anyway, so as you might guess these features are the perfect opportunity to make big bucks.

Use a simple strategy during normal play, where you bet small ($0.01 to $0.05) for the first three spins, and then increase up to $5 or $10 for the fourth. The law of probability dictates that you will be struck with Cupid's arrow sooner or later and will win everything back and more, plus a bonus game to boot.

Roses Are Red, Potion is Wild

The two main symbols that players should looks out for in Love Potion Video Slots are the love potion symbol and the carriage. The love potion symbols is wild, meaning that it can stand in for any other symbol and allows players to land the winning combinations they need for big prizes. The scatter card, which is the carriage, is the card that triggers the bonus games when three or more appear on the slots screen at any given time.

Other symbols include cupid, beautiful ladies, handsome men and card numbers 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace and various combinations of these will bring cash prizes and even the 12500 coin jackpot. Of course if you're on the bonus round or bonus spins then the jackpot gets boosted up to 4500 coins and 62500 coins respectively.

Being the Belle of the Bonus Ball: There are two types of bonus featured in Love Potion Video Slots: Free spins, which are triggered by the carriage scatter and the various interactive bonus games such as 'Pick a Gentleman'. All winnings are multiplied by a minimum of five times and a maximum of 100 during free spins. For this reason we recommend you take particular notice of our advice on gaming strategies.

If Slots Be the Food Of Love, Play On

Love in the movies is filled with beautiful sirens and suited and booted hunks, but those playing Love Potion Slots don't even need to get out of their pajamas to be a part of this whirlwind romance. Simply download the software from, install it onto your computer, set up a member's account and begin playing, without even needing to leave the room.