Cosmic Cat Slots

Visit Outer Space with Cosmic Cat Slots

The domestic cat has been used in experimental space travel for quite some time. The classic Cosmic Cat Slots takes the "cat in space" theme and adds a touch of comedy to create a slots experience that everyone will enjoy. This Microgaming slot has three reels and one payline, and is a popular favorite in many online casinos. Don't let the simplicity of the game fool you, however. Savvy gamers savor the thought of the 1000 coin top prize as they enjoy the Cosmic Cat's humorous antics.

Humorous Reel Symbols Add Flair

The reel symbols for Cosmic Cat slots are deceptively simple, for these seemingly innocuous little icons pack a real punch when it comes to winning. They also blend in quite well with the theme of the game. Reel symbols include a grinning cartoon Cat, a startled Space Mouse, and a One Bar, Two Bar, and Three Bar symbol. Set in a background of dark purple and black, the game's colorful reel symbols contrast nicely with the electric blue game title beneath the reels.

Coin Sizes and Jackpots

Coin sizes used in Cosmic Cat Slots are $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00. It is a good idea to play the game with two coins in order to be eligible for the top prizes in the game. Betting the minimum of $0.50 per line will let players have a chance at prizes. The largest jackpot in the game is 2000 coins, which equals $10,000.00. It is won by betting two coins per line and via the appearance of three of the Cosmic Cat reel symbols. The middle jackpot is for 500 coins, which equals $2500.00. Betting one coin per line and seeing three Cosmic Cat reel symbols means this nice prize is yours. The smallest jackpot in Cosmic Cat Slots is for 200 coins, which equals $1000.00. It is awarded when two coins per line have been wagered and three Space Mice reel symbols appear on the paylines.

The Cosmic Cat Wild Symbol

Cosmic Cat Slots has a Wild symbol, which is none other than the Cosmic Cat himself. Wilds generally will substitute for any of the other icons in the game, and help players to form winning combinations. In this particular slots game, the more cats that pop up on the reels, the better! With an easy to understand paytable and some impressive cash prizes, Cosmic Cat Slots will send you into orbit! Why not try Cosmic Cat Slots today?