Fruit Fight Slots

Download and start playing at Fruit Fight slots, this game will surprise you. The boxing themed slot game carries a distinctly British theme. From the moment the Union Jack patterned logo appears, you quickly realize this spin of a classic slot game is certain to please. Play Fruit Fight slots and find out how rewarding a 3-reel slot machine can be.

Unlike many classic slot games, Fruit Fight slots features a fun KO feature. This bonus feature quickly boosts your winnings by offering a surprise reward. All it takes is a maximum 25 cent bet to get started.

Payouts for Fruit Fight Slots

One of the more surprising feature of Fruit Fight slots are the generous prizes. Get just one cherry and you win $2. Get three boxing ring bells and walk away with 2,000 coins. It's extremely easy to win thanks to the range of symbols and payouts.

Cherries offer the lowest-tier prizes in this fruit-themed slot game. One boxing glove symbol is worth 2 coins, but get all 3 and win 8.

The 7 symbols require three in the payline to win. Because they come in three colors-yellow, blue and red-there are plenty of 7's on the reel. Prizes range from 8 to 40 for these symbols.

Knock-out stars also require three matches for a win. Should the reels stop on these symbols, enjoy the 400 coin reward.

Don't like what you've spun? Use the Nudge feature to bump one or more of the reels and see if that change nets you a win.

Fruit Fight Slots Gamble Feature

Fruit Fight slots has a gamble feature that is equally rewarding. Every time you make a correct guess, the KO ladder increases one. You can either collect your prize, continue the gamble feature or trade the winnings for a trip to the Super KO Feature.

Knock-out Bonus Feature in Fruit Fight Slots

If the reels stop and three KO symbols appear anywhere on the screen, you're rewarded with the Super KO Feature. During this bonus, a sexy woman holds up a card announcing how many spaces you can advance. A Super KO board appears filled with special bonuses.

Land three KO symbols on the payline and you'll enjoy the Super Heavy Weight Feature. This board works the same but is filled with multipliers of 2 to 10x, cash prizes and other surprises that quickly increase your cash winnings. These other surprises may take you to another screen where another bonus round awaits. Each spin of the reels can bring something new and exciting.

Not Your Average Three Reel Slot

Fruit Fight slots is definitely not the run-of-the-mill classic slot machine. With so many interactive bonuses, you'll find yourself quickly addicted to this inexpensive slot machine.

Head to any Cryptologic InterCasino and try their addicting Fruit Fight slots. Once you've experienced the special features making this bonus slot stand out, you won't want to leave. Play Fruit Fight slots and see if you can take down the professional boxer.