Play Bingo Scratch at Bodog

Bovada Casino it's Bodog Casino for US players. Try to play Bingo Scratch with Bovada and my be this new brand will be one of you favorites?

The Bovada Casino is well known for its superb table games and wide range of slots games too.

But have you taken a look at the brand new games it has in store for you to download and play? One of these is called Bingo Scratch, and as you might guess it is a cross between a scratch card game and a bingo game.

Let's take a closer look at what to expect.

How do you play the game?

For starters you need to buy a scratch card. These are priced at between 1.00 and 5.00 each. The more you spend on the card the higher any prizes you win will be.

Once you have a card you need to click on the scratch button. This will scratch off the 'foil' section on the right of the card.

On the left of the card you will see a grid of numbers. The idea is to try and match up as many of those numbers as you can. But it isn't quite as simple as that?

Different patterns mean different prizes

In the middle of the card there are a number of grid patterns. Each one wins a different prize.

For example if you match all four corners of your card this will win one prize. Matching all the numbers in a line straight down the middle wins another prize, and so on.

Is there an auto play feature?

Yes there is, and this makes it easier to play if you are happy to bet the same amount on each card you buy.

You can select anything from one to a hundred plays like this, giving you total control of the game as you wish.

Is it worth playing for free?

Yes you can play in practice mode to get used to how it works before you play for real. This is a great feature on the Bodog site because you can figure out the best way to play for you before you wager money for real.

Download and play Bingo Scratch today!

This is a superb game that will attract everyone who loves scratch cards and bingo. It combines the two in a great and interesting way, so why not see how lucky you could be on the game today?

Start off by playing for fun and then buy a scratch card or two to try out. You could get lucky.