Crazy Crocodile Slots

Crazy Crocodile Slots is a classic entertainment selection from Microgaming that has been around for a long time. The simple format of the game makes it a great tool for newcomers to this type of game to learn about the benefits of playing online slots. Even those who tend to favor the larger slots with more reels and larger jackpots are drawn to this game. It can be enjoyable to play a slots selection that is elegant in its simplicity, and Crazy Crocodile Slots truly exemplifies this. Go Crazy With Crazy Crocodile Slots!

Three Reels, Generous Wins

Crazy Crocodile Slots is a three reel, one line game. The theme of the game is animals, crocodiles to be specific. Coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5.00 for each line bet, and there is a limit of three coins per wager. The maximum payout for Crazy Crocodile Slots is 4000 coins. There is also a lesser payout of 2500 coins, still a respectable win amount for a three-reel slot.

Classic Reel Symbols

Reel symbols for Crazy Crocodile Slots include the Crazy Crocodile, a Red Seven, a 1 Bar Symbol, a 2 Bar Symbol, and a 3 Bar Symbol. The Crazy Crocodile reel symbol is also the Wild symbol and Scatter symbol for the game. As a Wild symbol, the Crazy Crocodile will substitute for any of the other symbols to help players create winning combinations on the reels. As a Scatter symbol, the Crazy Crocodile will result in a payout when it appears anywhere on the three reels.

The Crazy Crocodile Paytable

The Paytable for Crazy Crocodile Slots is very easy to understand, even for beginners. The Crazy Crocodile is the symbol most players will want to see pop up on the reels, as it is this symbol that produces the largest wins when the maximum wager has been placed. Three Crazy Crocodile symbols on a payline will net players 4000 coins if they have bet three coins, 2500 coins if the bet was two coins, and 1000 coins if the bet was one coin on one payline. Two Crazy Crocodiles equal five, ten, or fifteen coins respectively. The other reel symbols pay off in lesser amounts.

Play Crazy Crocodile Slots Today!

Crazy Crocodile Slots can be played for free or for real money. Casino guests who play for fun can enjoy this game using the same software as those who are placing wagers with cash. Once you have experienced Crazy Crocodile Slots for free, you will surely want to open an account with your favorite online gambling establishment that offers slots from Microgaming.