Casino Slot Odds

If you play the weekly Mega Lotto, you may have heard that you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the Lotto. This is called the odds factor. The word "odds" is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as: "the probability that one thing is so or will happen rather than another." We've all used the expression, "What are the odds…?" Online casino slot odds are more favorable to players than its land-based cousin. While the odds of slot machines at land-based casinos fall into the 92% payout range, online casino slot odds are much higher - 98%. The reason is that with each new online casino launched, the competition between online casinos rises. Thus, casinos can adjust their slot odds by several percentage points in order to attract more players.

What is the Probability of Online Casino Slot Odds?

This is a great question and one that can be easily answered by this example. Let's say you play an online slot machine at a dollar a spin. The percentage payout is set at 98%. If the online casino keeps 2% of the total amount collected (let's say $500,000), they take in $10,000. Using this scenario, it makes sense then that online casinos would raise the percentage to benefit its players because that percentage would bring in more online players. If 100 players play a $1 slot machine, the revenue the online casino makes is enormous and, at the same time, gives the advantage to the players who all have an equal chance in hitting it big! Thus, the probability that online players will reap the benefits of playing online slots is greater than if they played at land-based casinos.

The Odds Are In Your Favor!

Playing at online casinos puts the odds in your favor. The math is simple. Running a land-based casino costs money, lots of it. We all know that most of the revenue made at these casinos is primarily through slot machines. Conversely, running an online casino is not as expensive and the overhead is quite low. This allows online casinos to compete with each other by raising the payout percentage. Moreover, they are also able to offer highly attractive welcome bonuses and promotions. When was the last time you received a $20,000 welcome bonus from a land-based casino?

Play Casino Slots Online

Many of the more prominent online casinos are struggling in today's economy. Online casinos, however, are witnessing a boom. This is due in large part to the accessibility of online gaming through computers and other electronic devices. Moreover, flash casinos have also seen a surge in their membership because more than ever before, players are communicating through hand-held devices.

So the probability that one thing will happen rather than another, is clearly evidenced by the current online casino slot odds which, as a matter of due course, are in your favor!