Triple Magic Mini Slots

Triple Magic Mini slots is a traditional and highly enjoyable 3 reel, 1 pay line video slot game. The game itself is styled on the old classic slot games that have been around since the Liberty Bell which was the first ever slot machine. Triple Magic Mini slots is a really easy game to understand and master so it is ideal if you are new to the slot gaming community. If you are one of the more experience slot game players then you will still be able to enjoy this game because it harks back to vintage style with bright graphics and symbols that stand out, plus there are two jackpot which can be won, the first is for 1600 coins and the second is for 800 which isn’t bad for a vintage game. Download and play Triple Magic Mini slots for a classical and addictive slot gaming experience.

Turning the Reels

Triple Magic Mini slots is a slot gaming adventure that cannot be missed. This game offers simplistic fun and with just 9 possible winning combinations, it means that your chances of winning are pretty much guaranteed! Triple Magic Mini slots has a budget to suit penny slot gamers and high rollers as it accepts coin denominations from $0.25 up to $5 which means that you can easily set yourself a betting limit which will make that you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Most 1 pay line slot games only allow you to bet 1 one in a single spin, but with Triple Magic Mini slots you can bet 2, making the maximum bet $10 and this is where you could see your winning total build up. Before playing it is a good idea to check out the pay table or have a practise run so that you can see what the symbols look like and how many coins they will pay out when matched. One top tip for playing any slot game is to start by betting a low amount and then build up as the slots pay out, if they stop to payout then you should consider reducing your bet to minimise loses.

Classical Signs

Triple Magic Mini slots is one of those slot games that you will appreciate for its bold simplicity and this is clearly demonstrated in the symbols on the reels. The symbols that you will see include; blue star, red seven, single bar, double bar, triple bar and cherries. The blue star is the wild symbol which means that it can be used to substitute any of the other symbols in order to complete a winning combination. If the wild symbol is used then payouts will be multiplied by 3x for 1 symbol or by 9x for 2 symbols, 3 wild symbol and you will win one of the jackpot amounts depending on how many coins you bet.

Traditional Venues

Triple Magic Mini slots is a very popular video slot game so you will have no trouble in finding it at one of the many online casino venues. If you are looking to play a classical slot game then you need to download and play Triple Magic Mini slots now.