The Umpire Strikes Back Slots

The Umpire Strikes Back Slots is a great game for those who fancy the game of cricket! This one is brought to you by Microgaming. So get your red balls, helmets, wickets, pads and bats ready because the game is on! There is a jackpot of $5,000 or 1,000 coins at stake here for a wager of a dime up to ten bucks. This game has three reels and one pay line plus some nine winning combinations. Look for symbols such as the Umpire, Red Ball, Helmet, Wicket, Pad, Bat, 4, 6, Lemon, Orange, and the Cherry.

Tons of ways to win!

There are plenty of ways to win and all you have to do is get three red balls across the reels. You will actually play a game within the main game. You get three balls, each having a multiplier. It is up to you to shuffle them up and decide which one will be worth the most. Next, the cricket pitch followed by the batter attempting to whack the ball but the multiplier delivers the final verdict. Follow along with the umpire since he will let you know what you hit. Once the bowler delivers a googly and the player loses his wicket, the game comes to a close. You will know when this happens since the umpire will yell "you're out" while raising his hand.

Added features

There are added features in this game such as the Hutt-Trick, Sky Yorker, Slog It and Rebel Runner. These features help you win more money. Every time that you successfully win one of these gambles a lamp will light up and there are three of them. If you can manage to get all three lit then you receive a skill bonus awarded on top of these others for even more winnings.

The simplicity of it all

There are no wild symbols and no scatter symbols but the game is packed with enough other added features that you will never miss them. In fact, these added features are actually refreshing in place of the conventional scatters and wilds. Play the Umpire Strikes Back Slots if you are looking for a great time and many chances to win lots of money! This one will keep you busy and highly entertained for hours on end! You do not have to be a cricket lover but if you happen to be then that just adds to the love of the game.