Slots Angels Slots

Betsoft has found a lot of success with their line of 5 reel, 30 payline progressive jackpot games, and decided to add Slots Angels Slots to that collection. Sparing no expense, this game at Drake Casino has a Scatter symbol, Multiplier, Wild, and free spins. Its maximum jackpot of $3,750 is a worthy pocket-padding for any slots fanatic. With denominations available for any tax bracket, you can bet as low as 2 cents per payline, up to a maximum of $75 per, for the maximum jackpot of 7500 coins. Furthermore, the motorcycle theme is a good old American classic, with rough and tumble Harleys and men that ride them who mean business. Drake Casino has a night of rev-upped thrills for you with Slot Angels Slots; it's up to you get there.

Slots Angels Slots Offering

The mean mugs and serious beards never gets old, representing a time when men did what men do best: ride and look cool doing it. Slots Angels Slots has bars, biker games, and cash. The ultimate goal is to place a max bet and try to get the 5 biker symbols to show up on the reels - and the jackpot shall be yours.

There are Free Spins available, which show up when you obtain 3 good old fashioned biker alcohol - none of that sissy wine - symbols on the reels onscreen. The free spins are triggered when these symbols appear anywhere, so you don't have to get them in a row. Once they show up, the center wheel will assume the properties of a wild symbol; which will elicit cheers from the gathering crowd of seasoned biker vets as cash and prizes come your way.

Slots Angels Slots also has the Re-spin feature, which combines with the Multipliers to increase your winnings. The four levels maximize how much you can come away with, since the Re-spin multipliers come into play after each win, moving up levels 1,2,3, and 5 - with 4 the odd man out. Or; more accurately, the even man out.

Bonus Race

Slots Angels Slots also sports a Click Me bonus game and a Biker Race Bonus round. You obtain the former when you get three darts symbols anywhere on the reels, which grant you a prize automatically. The latter requires at least three biker symbols to appear on the screen; after which you'll be transported to a race - otherwise, what's the purpose of such a big bike?! The biker you pick in the beginning of the race will be the one that increases your earnings, based on how he navigates the course and completes the race.

Slots Angel Slots is one of the easier games to play; all you have to do is select the number of coins you wish to put down if you're playing the game to win cash. Either way, you can head on over to Drake Casino to try your hand at having loads of fun living the dangerous biker life - in the safety of your own home.