Princess Jewels Slots

Diamonds are a girl's best friend in more ways than one. Play Princess Jewels slots and discover how sparkling diamonds, emeralds, amethyst and other sparkling gems help you rake in some cash. While this may be a favorite of the ladies, men will also love the bonus prize wheel and generous payouts.

Princess Jewels slots offer standard slot machine sounds. The reels whirr and chime as they spin. A quick musical interlude plays when you have a winning payline.

Betting Structure with Princess Jewels Slots

There are 9-paylines with this Vegas Technology slot game. You don't need to bet on all paylines to earn a trip to the bonus game, but you have better odds for a win if you do.

Bets start at a penny, so you don't need to risk a lot. The maximum $10 bet on all 9 paylines comes to $90.

Earn the Whopping 10,000 Coin Payout

Princess Jewels slots has an impressive 10,000 coin payout. To land this awesome prize, you just need five wild princess symbols and you're a winner.

Of the remaining glistening symbols--onyx (5 to 50 coins), amethyst (5 to 75 coins) and topaz (10 to 100 coins)--you need at least three matches to win. Emerald (2 to 125 coins), sapphire (2 to 150 coins), ruby (3 to 200 coins) and diamond (5 to 300 coins) only require two matches for a win.

Will the Fairy Godmother Grant Your Deepest Wish

The Fairy Godmother symbol takes you to the engaging bonus round. If she lands three times anywhere on a payline, the bonus game begins.

During this bonus game, you're shown a wheel consisting of three rings. Click spin and the first wheel begins spinning. Watch to see where the wheel stops. The jewel that stops at the pointer is your prize. The game continues for two more rounds. Your prize is the combination of multipliers times your coin value. If you've selected $10 as your coin value and get an amethyst, ruby and sapphire, your prize is $10 x 4 x 15 x 10 or $6,000.

The prize table is as follows:

  • Onyx - 3x
  • Amethyst - 4x
  • Topaz - 5x
  • Emerald - 7x
  • Sapphire - 10x
  • Ruby - 15x
  • Diamond - 25x

Download Software and Play Princess Jewels Slots

Princess Jewels slots is available at any Vegas Technology casino. Play Princess Jewels slots at Liberty Slots Casino and take advantage of their generous 100 percent match on your first four deposits. In addition, if you use a pre-paid gift card rather than a credit card, English Harbour Casinos offers bonuses on any deposits you make using the pre-paid card.