Online casino players are constantly looking for a new and secure payment method to use for deposits and withdrawals. They often seek payment methods that are fast and inexpensive to utilize. The newest payment method to create buzz in the online casino world is Interac.

Interac is a Canada based interbank network that is often used to link financial institutions for the purpose of electronic transactions. Interac is highly respected and is used as the Canadian debit card system, because providers like Visa and MasterCard rarely enter the debit card system in Canada. The network began in 1984 through a non-profit venture that included RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, and Desjardins.

Players can use Interac e-Transfers to make real money deposits. The process is very quick and very secure. It allows players to have the speed they desire with payments, gives them the highest level of security of personal and account information, and many casinos are also offering larger promotional bonuses for players who use Interac. Many online casinos do this because they get better rates themselves by using specific payment methods and try to encourage players to help them save money, as well. It's a win-win situation with both the online casino and the player, as it saves both.

Interac also keeps the player in the loop when it comes to the process, sending them emails or texts to notify them of transfer status. The only thing a player needs to engage in an Interac transfer is an email address, online access to a bank account that participates, and the email or phone number of whomever the money is being sent to. This adds a largely heightened security aspect to the entire online casino banking process. The player doesn't have to reveal any banking information to the casino and can trust their financial institution to uphold security, just as they always have with all other banking needs they use the institution for. It cuts down on forgery and stealing when it comes to using online banking at online casinos. Also, once it's set up, it's extremely easy to make additional future transactions, which saves time and effort.

Online casinos are starting to use Interac more and more. Players can check with their financial institution to see if their bank offers Interac as a method of making e-transfers and payments.

How to find online casinos that include Interac among their payment methods

There are lots of them around - just look for the familiar Interac logo on your preferred casino sites to see if it appears there. You can also look on the banking pages to see what you can find. The method is available for those based in Canada to use, so it doesn't appear at all casinos. However, searching for Interac casinos is a good start (as is reading the rest of our guide).

Do you know how to deposit at your selected casino with Interac?

The idea is that you can transfer funds from your bank account and deposit them in your selected casino account to play with. This occurs instantly in many cases, and within 30 minutes if it should take slightly longer. The Interac website provides more details on how the process works, but your casino should also give details on how to make that transfer using Interac.

What are the advantages of using Interac as your preferred deposit method?

Most players want to be sure their information is secure when making any payments online. That includes depositing funds into a casino account. Even if you select a reputable online casino, you want to use a deposit method you can trust.

Interac is a sensible and secure choice for Canadians who have access to this interbank method. It means you can transfer funds from your own bank account to your casino account, swiftly and securely. It also means you do not need to worry about using credit or debit cards, which you may not feel happy about. You won't need to set up a separate e-wallet to use for deposits either.

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Read our Interac FAQ for more info

If you have never heard of Interac before, some of your questions might have been answered in our FAQ about this payment method.

Is it safe to gamble using Interac casinos?

It is always important to do your own research whenever you come across any online casino. Some are known to be reputable and good to use, but if you have found one that accepts Interac, and you're unsure of its stance, make sure you check it out. We have provided you with some trustworthy Interac casinos in our short reviews above, so those provide you with a good way to set foot in this area of online gaming.

You should also confirm any certificates or registered casinos are legit before you use them. Some casinos look glossy but do not have a good reputation. It's easy enough to use payment logos from many popular companies and methods. It doesn't necessarily point to a good casino to use.

Do Interac deposits go through instantly?

Mostly yes, they do. However, there might be some instances where they take slightly longer to be completed. According to our research, the longest you should need to wait for your funds to appear in your casino account is about 30 minutes. Since some other methods can experience slight delays before they are processed, you can see that Interac is a reliable and swift method to think about.

How does the average Interac casino work?

There are no differences between a casino offering this payment method to any other casino, really. The casino experience you'll have is much the same as any other. If you think about it, most casinos accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Each of those methods requires a slightly different approach to ensure your payment goes through when depositing via that method.

The same applies with Interac. Just follow the steps required to make a deposit into your casino account using Interac, and that's it. The casino should give you further details on how to do this, but you can of course read more on the Interac website as well.

Can you deposit using Interac at all casinos?

No, you won't find this deposit method on offer at every online casino you visit. However, it is appearing at more casinos all the time, so you should keep a look out for it. It could be you are already a member of a casino that uses this method. If not, you could try some of our recommendations above to see if one of those might suit you.

Can I use Interac to withdraw my winnings?

Whenever you look at the banking page provided at an online casino, you'll see whether the logo for Interac is included there. Most casinos have a chart for deposit methods and another one for withdrawal methods. Some have one large chart with ticks in the relevant areas if you can use that method for that purpose, and crosses if not.

Interac can indeed be used to withdraw funds to your bank account, but you should still confirm this service is offered by the casino you are thinking of signing up and using. It's always good to learn what you need to know ahead of time.

Can you claim Interac bonuses when depositing at gambling sites?

Casinos love offering their players various bonuses. Banking bonuses are well known among players, with certain deposit methods attracting bigger deals that would not be available if you used another method.

While you can never guarantee you'll find any Interac bonuses at any casino, it is always worth looking for them. Watch out for them to pop up on the home page or in the promotions area. The latter is more common, but remember that if a bonus appears, it could be time limited. It might also only apply to your first deposit made this way, rather than to every deposit. Full details should be included in each case.

Are there any advantages involved with depositing via Interac at an online casino?

We have just read about the possibility of deposit bonuses using Interac, so that is one possible advantage you could enjoy at these casinos. For Canadian players, it is great to be able to use Interac to safely transfer funds from a bank account to go straight into their casino account. This is known as an interbank service. It means there is no need to think about using PayPal or another e-wallet, or even credit cards or debit card options.