Paradise Reels Slots

Paradise Reels Slots

If your idea of paradise is long, sandy beaches, palm trees, gently lapping waves and tall fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, then you should check out Paradise Reels, a game designed to relax you as you play. This one isn't about loud, pounding sound effects or flashy, eye jabbing animations. Instead, it's about kicking back and relaxing, and watching the coins roll in with the tide. Featurewise, this game has everything you could ask for - a nifty Island Bonus game involving coconuts (of course!), and a top jackpot of a hefty $25,000. That makes it more than worth your while to take a break with Paradise Reels Slots.

Two Tickets to Paradise

Hitting the beach has never been simpler - just fire up a copy of Paradise Reels and you're ready to go. Only two settings need to be attended to. First, you need to set the amount of money that you are wagering, also known as the "coin value". Paradise Reels welcomes a wide range of players, and so it will accept bets as low as a single penny, while simultaneously allowing you to push it all the way to $10 a coin if you're feeling bold. Next up, choose the number of pay lines you'd like to play - these are the lines along which it's possible to match up symbols. Paradise Reels supports up to 9 different pay lines. Finally, tap the Play button to start spinning, or click the Auto Spin button if you'd prefer to sit back and watch.

Fruity Drinks, Fruity Symbols

Most video slots will pad the lower orders of their pay table with card symbols, and then fill the top end with more interesting symbols. But Paradise Reels turns this assumption on its head. Here, the bottom end of the pay scale begins with fruit such as Cherries, Oranges and Watermelons making up the low order wins, and the Jack through Ace card symbols making up the higher order wins. Look out for the sliced Kiwi Fruit, it's a generic symbol that'll substitute for any other symbol in the game - something of a life saver.

Cash for Coconuts

The game also features a bonus round which is launched when at least three split Coconut symbols appear anywhere on screen. The bonus game isn't complicated, but it's fairly lucrative. In it, you're are presented with a number of coconuts, each of which is hiding a mystery amount of cash - and you get to pick the ones that you think look likely. The money under each coconut that you turn over is added to your bankroll, and you drop back to the main game.