Online Slot Machine and Real Casino Slot Machine

For years and years, slot machines were always considered a secondary casino game in the big land based casinos. But since the widespread use of the internet for casino games and especially casino slot machines, there is no doubt that online slot machines have become the most popular casino game to date.

Endless Bonus Slot Machines Online To Choose From

Real casino slot machines for many years have used random number generators and computer programs to enhance their games and make them even more attractive. Having said that, there are always a limited number of real casino slot machines that are available at land based casinos, because physically you just can’t get more into a building. Online slot machines on the other hand sit on the web in cyberspace and there is no end to the choice that you can find from different types of slot machines including bonus slot machines, 3 reel slot machines, 5 reel slot machines and even some casinos offer 7 reel slot machines.

Online Slot Machines Remember Everything

Where you find real casino slot machines at land based casinos, there are always more overheads for the casino owners, not only does it cost to enter the casino but the payout percentages of real casino slot machines tend to be a lot lower than online slot machines. An online casino has very little overheads, it does not cost money when you want to start playing your chosen online slot machine and even better you also can pause the game whenever you want if you need a break. At a land based real casino, once you leave a slot machine, someone else can come and take over and you lose your game. There is no remembering your settings and keeping you balance in tact when playing real slot machines, it is much more physical play which to some may offer more fun but for others it can just be confusing. Needless to say free spins slots are risk free in this case, no matter online or land based.

Even Social Interaction is provided with Online Slot Machine Games

Playing online slot machines at online casinos gives you much more than real casino slots. Even the social aspect has been addressed which many crave for when playing casino games. At an online casino you can now find real slot games that offer interaction with other players, you are basically part of a team where everyone works towards the results and the winnings are divided up amongst the team. Real casino slot machines can only be played by one person and there is no interaction with others, of course you can chat with others in the casino but now online casinos also offer this, with their live chat and chat rooms which can be found at many of the leading casinos.

Choose Your Theme, or Enter a Tournament when Playing Slots Online

At an online casino, when choosing which online slot machines to play at, you have an enormous range of themes and styles to choose from, in addition you can take advantage of the bonus offers that each of the online casinos offer. These bonus offers come in the form of welcome bonuses and ongoing weekly or monthly rewards for regular players. Tournaments are also a great feature at online casinos where you can play chosen online slot machines for a very low cost entry and still be in with a chance to win some handsome amounts of money. And the best thing of all about all of these bonus slot machines that you find online is that it does not cost money to play them, they are free and with the majority of them, you also can play for fun before you place real money bets. In other words you get a chance to practice and choose the best slot machine for you before you take the plunge and place real money bets. Real casino slot machines at land based casinos have no such feature and it is feet first.

There are so many advantages to playing online slot machines that it is a wonder sometimes that the real casino slot machines are still going. But, if they weren’t, we also wouldn’t have anything to compare to and of course realize how good the online slot machines are for us!

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