Jesters Win Casino

What do you want from a regular casino? Whatever your answer might be, we’re guessing you wouldn’t say no to some free chips to play with. Jesters Win Casino has this to offer and much else besides, as you are about to find out…

Claim $50 free when you sign up

You’re probably wondering how much you need to deposit to claim that $50. The answer is nothing – nada, zilch! When you sign up for your new account at Jesters Win, be sure to add the coupon code 50FREE to get your cash. Simple!

It’s worth noting only players from qualified US states can join this casino. It’s not available to anyone outside the country. Check the FAQs to see if your state is included.

Play games for fun if you live elsewhere

This applies to everyone. If you just want to check out some slots or play them for entertainment only, you can access all the games at Jesters Win Casino with no need to log in. It’s also a great way to discover more about the site and how it works if you are thinking of signing up.

Are there jackpots to be won?

You bet – and more of them than you might think, too. Many games have the three gems and a JACKPOT logo in the bottom corner. Masquerade, Ten Tigers, Buffalo Run, and Circus Carnival all have at least one jackpot amount ready to be won.

Can you really win anything if you don’t deposit cash?

Yes, you can! This is the element that separates Jesters Win Casino from the competition. You will see how easy it is to claim $50 to play with when you join the casino. Just be sure to use the bonus code to get yours. The site also contains information on various ways you can claim further free chips. Most of these involve promoting or supporting the site in some way.

To receive a payout, you’ll need to meet the playthrough requirements listed on the site. These are easy to check on – access the menu, select the win status option, and look at the progress bar from there. Once you hit the desired amount, you can claim a cash prize as stated in your account.

Jesters Win Casino certainly stands apart from the rest. If you live in a qualified US state, you’re ready to begin today.