Single Payline Slots

Sometimes it seems as if every slots machine online consists of twenty or more paylines and at least five reels. Indeed some of the larger games have six or seven reels to contend with. It’s no wonder some people can find them a little overwhelming when they first get started playing online slots.

With this said though, it is still more than possible to stick with playing single payline slots if you want to. Let’s find out a bit more about them.

The most popular single slots

What does a single payline slot machine actually mean?

Put simply it means there is just one line you can have winning symbols on. The lines appear from top to bottom on a machine, although they may be zig zags or some other pattern of some kind.

With a single payline machine you will only get one payline going across the centre of the machine. It is very easy to see where it is and which symbols will count as a win across that line.

Doesn’t it give you less chances to win?

It does in a way, because you can only bet on one payline. If you have twenty paylines then you have twenty chances to win. But you need to bet on those twenty as well, so if you play a single payline machine you can bet less money per spin than you might do on other machines.

What kinds of people enjoy playing single payline machines?

Anyone who enjoys playing traditional one armed bandit machines will enjoy playing what is essentially the online version of them. In addition they are good for beginners because you only have that one line to focus on. When you get used to it you can move on to bigger and more complex games.

To this end, those who like simpler games find the single payline versions very good to play. And of course they are good for those who don’t like betting on multiple paylines with each spin either.

Are you ready to try some single payline machines online?

If you have never tried one before you should give it a go now. You might find they provide a nice contrast to those games with multiple paylines and fewer reels to worry about.

Even if you don’t play them all the time there is no doubt that they provide a nice change for you on occasion.

Casinos to play single payline slots