Global Cup Soccer Slots

What could a sports fan want more than to come home from the pitch, or turn off the TV after a match and be able to carry on playing on the Internet? Merging slots, soccer and competitive gaming comes Global Cup Soccer Slot: one of the world wide web's most graphically advanced and exciting soccer-themed slot games.

This particular slot, powered by Rival Gaming software, has just 3 reels and 1 payline, with possible bets per payline of 1, 2 or 3 coins, making it a simple game but very competitive. Players must make combinations with the three trophies: gold, silver and bronze, to win prizes and possibly a maximum jackpot of 2500 coins. Play at Global Cup Soccer Slots now!

A Simple Coaching Session:

Land one gold trophy, one silver trophy and one bronze trophy and you'll win 5x your bet. For this reason we recommend you play an expensive game, but don't bet big on every go. Classic strategies dictate that you should bet small twice and follow up with one big one. We recommend that for Global Cup Soccer Slot you reverse this and instead bet small once, followed by two larger bets. The smallest amount that you can bet in this game is $0.01, and the largest is $5, so we recommend you begin with $0.01 and follow up with two $2 or $3 spins. It might not land you a hat-trick, but after a while (through chance) you are guaranteed to win big!

Get on the Right Side of the Referee to Win:

The pay-table on the left hand side of the screen shows all the possible combinations and what they pay out, so players have a constant reference. Look out for the football symbol as this wins you the smallest prize available to keep your balance up. The three trophy colours are also important, but none so much as the referee: land three referees on the one payline with a maximum bet and you'll win the grand prize of 2500 coins! There are no scatter or wild symbols in this particular slot game and therefore no bonus rounds, just pure, unadulterated slots.

How to Start a World Cup of Your Very Own:

Grab a beer and settle down to one of the most exciting games of slots you'll ever play. All players need to do to get hold of Global Cup Soccer Slots is either play the instant play version in the browser or make one simple download to be able to play in flash. Once you have set up a user account it's straight-forward, no nonsense online gaming from then on in.