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ePassporte is a really quick and easy way to receive your payments in time. It is anonymous, you don't need a bank account, so you don't have to explain your bank where your money is coming from. You don't need to wait hours or even weeks to cash your check or worry about wire transfer: with ePassporte you get your money instantly! Jump to casinos that accept ePassporte

Created by expert e-commerce professionals, ePassporte has developed a revolutionary payment system that protects your identity and your cash while giving you Visa's worldwide recognition and acceptance.

By choosing that method, you will be given a plastic card which you can use in any ATMs with a VISA or PLUS sign to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

You can also use your card for shopping at various places which has VISA terminals. Transactions can be reviewed on the website, so you will know instantly that your money arrived.

Costs of ePassporte

  • The card has a one-time $40 setup fee
  • Withdrawing money from any ATM costs $3 no matter how much money you take out
  • Using your ePassporte card for shopping has no additional costs

Benefits of ePassporte card:

There are no additional costs of sending your payment Money on your ePassporte account will be shown in USD, but when using an ATM, you will receive your money in your country's currency. You can always check how much money you have on your account and what transactions have been made No Credit Approval or Application Required To obtain an ePassporte account you are not required to go through a credit approval process. Just join online with your current credit card. Immediate Satisfaction As soon as you decide to get an ePassporte Virtual Visa and you load the account, you can make purchases online in a matter of seconds. The ePassporte Real-Time Environment Real-time transaction history - You will be able to review your transaction history immediately after the transaction has occurred. Real-time money transfers - Click the "send transfer" button and the ePassporte cardholder recipient can receive funds and use them immediately. Free Email ePassporte provides a free private email for your personal use and to deliver all account data securely and safely. Global Access to Funds ePassporte allows you to withdraw cash in any country in the their local currency at ATMs. It also allows you to make purchases at most Visa merchants worldwide.

Using ePassporte :

Shop or Get Cash Anywhere in the World Use your ePassporte Visa Electron card to get cash at ATMs bearing the PLUS and/or Visa logo or make purchases at Visa merchant terminals.

Transfer Money Instantaneously

Transferring money between ePassporte members is immediate. All you need is the email address of the other ePassporte account holder that you want to send money to. It is fast, safe and affordable.

Shop Online

Use your ePassporte Virtual Visa to make secure and anonymous purchases over the Internet. Only you will be able to make balance inquiries and access transaction history. Your ePassporte Virtual Visa transactions are CVV2/CVC2 protected which provides the highest security protection against fraud on the Internet. Additionally, you can load ePassporte with funds whenever you want. This means that you can avoid overspending by budgeting effectively.

Use While Traveling

Safer and more convenient than carrying cash or checks, ePassporte makes traveling easy. Load your ePassporte Virtual Visa and take the ePassporte Visa Electron card on your trip. You will be able to withdraw cash in any country in the local currency at ATMs and make purchases at Visa merchant terminals all over the world.

Family Finances

The ePassporte Virtual Visa and Visa Electron card are the perfect solutions for your family financial needs. It is a great way to encourage financial accountability with online tracking of purchases, so you and your family's can manage spending and budgeting. Their spending will be limited to the amount of money that you load on to the account, so they will learn practical money skills with your supervision. Even if they are miles away from home, you can monitor their expenditures online daily and in real-time!

Gift Giving

Instead of giving cash or gift certificates for a particular store, provide your loved ones with the endless possibilities of ePassporte. You can load an ePassporte Virtual Visa once for a one-time present or load it any time you want in the future. Once you load, they will have instant access to your ePassporte gift!

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