Butterflies Slots

If you loved Elton John's character in the "Last Unicorn" or are a big Alice in Wonderland fan, you'll immediately be drawn into the world of the Butterflies slots, where butterflies rule. But do they really rule or just govern with a gentle hand? That's for you to find out when you enter this fantasy world created for you by Vegas Tech software. This picturesque and slightly psychedelic 5 reel, 25 payline slot is perfect for players who may daydream a little about the lush life of the forest and all her hidden creatures or just those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of today's rat race. In Butterflies you'll come across all the magical elements that exist in the woods beyond our regular vision. Download Liberty Slots casino today to enter the world of Butterflies and get their whopping $5000 sign up bonus.

Look Closely and You'll Join the World of the Butterflies

There is a whole new world waiting for those who know how to find it. Just follow the butterflies and their gentle flapping and they'll lead you to where you'll find the Magical Chrysalis where the lowly but adorable Caterpillar metamorphosises into the graceful Butterfly. This chrysalis, or House as they call it, also acts as the Substitute here as well as triggers the Butterfly Feature. The large and flaming red Flower is the Scatter in Butterflies and pays out in both directions. The two majestic Butterflies who flutter through this game are both beautiful and rewarding, paying out up to 7000 times. Cropping up all over Butterflies are the Magic Mushroom and Caterpillar symbols. These little guys, together with the Butterflies, Flowers and Magic Chrysalis combine to weave an enchanting tale even the most cynical among us will enjoy.

Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart, Open Your Account

The world of the Butterflies is there for all those with a pure heart and innocent eyes. It won't take you long to recognize the signs, from the Magic Mushrooms to the happy Caterpillars. From the exotic Flower to the Majestic Butterflies, every glorious nook and cranny of this sweet slot game is meant to open you up to a world not often visited, but which is yours for the taking. This world can be found at all Wager Gaming casinos, including the classy Liberty Slots. Open up an account which will allow you to enter a world of fantasy worth more than your wildest dreams.