Big Cash Win Slots

If you are looking for simple but enjoyable, quick action but rewarding then look no further than the Big Cash Win slots game where you can play endless hours of fun and action with very little effort and plenty of rewards to reap. Big Cash Win Slots is a simple 3 reel 1 payline slots game which is all about winning cash. There are no fancy symbols in this game just a Big Cash Win logo, 7 logos, cherries and of course triple bars which are synonymous with these type of slot games.

Clear Reels and Symbols

On your Big Cash Win slots game screen you are presented with the reels which are clear and easy to follow. TO the left of the reels is the pay table which shows you the different payouts you can win for different configurations on the payline. The payouts vary according to what symbols you land on the screen and can be anything from one coin up to 2000 coins which is the biggest jackpot.

Up to Two Coins per Spin

When playing Big Cash Win Slots you have the opportunity of placing one or two coins for each spin. The size of the coins varies from $0.05 up to $5 which makes this a game for every type of player with every budget. Of course you can also choose to play for fun but when you play for fun you don’t receive the same satisfaction that is possible when you place real money bets and win real money winnings. Because of its simplicity, Big Win cash slots lends itself to being a fantastic game to play fro any and every type of player, it only takes a few minutes to join the game and in the same vein in less than a minute you can also become the winner of the big jackpot of 2000 coins.

Auto Play Feature

There is also an auto play feature which you can take advantage of when playing Big Cash Win slots which lets you set the game for a number of spins and then you can go off and do something else and the game runs for you. You can choose from 5-100 spins to run and you can also choose for it to stop when you land a jackpot. This is a most convenient feature and really adds to the game making it easy and user friendly.