A Switch in Time Slots

Among the newest entries in Rival's growing slot game collection is A Switch in Time ( download and play A Switch in Time Slots now). This game is, in short, amazing. We have played the majority of the slot games on the current market, and we tend to like what we play. They are a fun group of games, but A Switch in Time really sets the bar in the online slot game industry.

Symbols in Time

The theme of A Switch in Time is that of Victorian Time Travel in the spirit of H. G. Welles The Time Machine, though not using the icons from that particular story. When the player first starts the game he or she is faced with a series of Victorian futurist images: scientific equipment, the time traveler, an ingénue, an hourglass, a clock, a pocket watch, an old-time car, books, glasses, drinks and a chest.

The Hourglass symbol is the wild card, replacing any symbol in any combos with the usual exception of the scatter symbols.

The Time Machine and the Ingénue both serve as scatter symbols winning the player up to a truly amazing 78 free spins the creative and impressive side game. Free spins and side games may be won during the free spin rounds, causing the winnings to really compound. 2x, 3x, 6x and 9x multipliers come into play during the free spin rounds, compounding winnings hugely.

And then there is the side game. This is what really sets A Switch in Time apart from most - the side game consists of the player operating the time machine. At the end of the side game, not only does the player win coins but the game transports play forward or backwards in time. When in the different era, the symbols all change with the single exception of the Time Machine. In the past the player faces Dinosaurs, Saber-toothed Tigers, Stone Wheels, Huts and jungle scenes. In the future, the symbols take on a futuristic air. In short, this is three complete and exciting slot games in one!

Spending Your Time

As mentioned before, this is one of the most fun video slot games that we have played. Everything about it draws the player in more. Furthermore, when you finally leave the game, if you were in the future or in the past, the game remembers you, and when you play again, that is where you will start, making the game all the more addictive.

Take a Stitch in Time Tonight!

All slot fans must try this great new game. Get yourself comfortable. Pour yourself an icy cold beverage and settle in for a night of time-traveling fun. Go to Slots.LV Casino and play A Stitch in Time tonight!