Online Bingo

When you think to yourself the word BINGO you probably say , " Mercy am I that old ? "

Contrary to what you may think Bingo has become far more popular then what you might remember it , It has definitely out grown the old days of sitting at a church auction with beans and a 90 yr old guy calling out numbers so slow you could actually fall asleep ! * This is where the term I Slept that Bingo comes from * when you missed the whole bingo and your neighbors gets it because you weren't paying attention !!

BINGO has broadened its horizons and by far its definition reaching out to not only the oldies of the game but millions and millions of new players who are becoming more and more enthused with the MONEY that there is to be won !!

Bingo has branched out to not only your churches and your VFW posts but also Online. The prizes are bigger the game is hotter and way less crowded and way more comfortable then sitting in a cold hard chair with your neighbor chain smoking beside you.

I am now going to take you through some of the hottest Online Bingo spots and show you how easy it is to get FREE money !!

Almost all of these I have personally had the chance to play at so here goes !!!

Even though you might be thinking that the USA is getting shut down to gambling trust me we are not folks! Where there is a will there is a way let me assure you . There is a lot of options that have left and some really good options that have been brought to light. I can assure you each site I am about to talk to about makes it there PRIORITY to assist in any way possible for you to have a smooth deposit option . Even if it means giving you some of their own money to try until they can assist in finding you the absolute best alternative.

Who walks away from FREE money ??? LOL

To Understand Online Bingo you first need to know that most sites are Sister Sites Run on the same software program with only minor distinctive differences.

Yet , each site within may have even bigger bonuses and promotions then the next sister site !

BINGO WORKZ & sister sites

  • BingoFun
  • American Bingo
  • USA Bingo
  • Desperate House Wives
  • Wave Bingo
  • Ilove Bingo
  • 888 Bingo
  • Galaxy Bingo

Thease are all part of the World Bingo Network

Bingo Workz :

This site in particular is one of terrific graphics ! THis site is played in with micro media flash with 2-3 second downloads. .Flash games are small and do not require a long download time, making downloadable games a mammoth. They received a lot of good reviews and support from there players for this . To get started simply fill out a small registration form create a nickname and account for them to send your winnings. Of course this will be the way they recognize you and can keep accurate deposit and withdraw records. All financial transactions are secure and encrypted.

Now that you have created a nickname and real money account lets talk about money ! The best thing about Bingo Workz has got to be that they don't give you 5 dollars to try or just a few cards . THey give you $30.00 !! Which is almost unheard of these days . To try it before you buy it . THey have a special first timers room designed especially for you . You get $ 30.00 to start and you may chat and make friends. If you have spent your $30.00 and want to try your luck at the progressive jackpots that are steady climbing in all 5 payouts rooms then all you have to do is go to the cashier page and pick your form of deposit option. Guess what you not only get FREE money you get EVEN more FREE MONEY on your deposits ! for a first time deposit bonus you receive 250 %. What happened if you don't win on that first deposit don't despair for you will automatically get credited 50% of your deposit back ! Not only that the second time you deposit you will get 300% bonus !

Talk about giving you a fair shot and practically giving it away !!

They offer over 10 different slot games,Keno and poker.

Satisfy all your cravings while waiting on that bingo card to turn green.

They offer a gift certificate that can be purchased off of your balance to loan money to your friends or even be paid back .

All promotions are accessible to players once registered and have made at least one deposit .

They want you to experience the fun in all rooms. Each rooms you may play chat games and everyone who is playing at least 3 cards qualifies for the prizes !

Your payment options at this moment is Neteller / Insta Cash Insta Debit credit card ( visa, master card or virtual card ) or ECO with new options coming soon !!

After you make a deposit you are welcome to invite as many friends as you like and receive 100% of there deposit as a match back to you !!

Every night at 8pm they draw random names and give them $15.00 cash money .

I have never before been a member of a network that is so intune to keeping the customer satisfaction rate top priority. Even if they have never played the first game with you before . You don't have to be a regular here to receive first class elite treatment.

So what are you waiting for log into and come join the fun experience the FREE money and bring friends. This place has a A plus review by anyone who has ever visited Including myself .