Play Casino Hold Em with Bodog

Bovada Casino it's Bodog Casino for US players. Try to play Casino Hold Em with Bovada and my be this new brand will be one of you favorites?

Casino Hold Em is a brand new game available now to download and play on the Bovada Casino site. If you have played Texas Hold Em you will probably see the similarities in this game.

Let's find out what you can expect from this game shall we?

How does it differ from Texas Hold Em?

Texas Hold Em is a form of poker that always features other players. But with Casino Hold Em you are playing poker against the casino itself - or the 'house' as it is known.

Place your ante

The game starts when you place a bet. You may have heard of the saying 'upping the ante' - well the ante is the initial bet you place in poker.

Just drag and drop your chosen chip amount onto the table. When you are happy with your bet you can ask the dealer to deal the cards.

Can you play in practice mode?

Yes you can and this is probably the best way to start if you have never played poker before. There is a link underneath the gaming table that allows you to open a new window. This window has information that explains the rules and the method of play to you.

You get 1,000 to play in practice mode with, so you can play for quite a while before you have to decide whether you are ready to play for real!

Do you have a winning hand?

Even if you have never played poker before you are probably familiar with the names of some of the winning hands.

For example you've got a Royal Flush, a Full House, Four of a Kind and many more besides. The good thing is that the separate window giving you information on the game has a table with all these winning hands in it. You may find it useful to keep this window open at all times during play. You can then refer to it whenever you need to.

What are the odds on winning?

The good news is that the odds on certain hands are printed on the table while you are playing. This makes it easy to refer back to them at any time.

If you have always wanted to try your hand at poker, try playing Casino Hold Em today. When you can practice for free, why would you go anywhere else other than the Bovada Casino?