Let em Ride

Let 'Em Ride poker has only been around since the early 1990's and it was a company named Shuffle Master Inc. that created and introduced it. This is the company that invented the automatic-shuffling machine. There are two main reasons why Let 'Em Ride poker is so popular...one is that the pay outs are normally high...and two because there are no players playing against each other there is no pressure and the game remains fun. You can play Let em Ride at Bovada casino now!

Let 'Em Ride is poker with a twist

Let 'Em Ride is poker with a twist...the twist is that when you play this game you play against the house instead of against other players or against the dealer...like in Blackjack. A standard playing card deck is used to play Let 'Em Ride. You get a hand with three cards up plus there are two cards down which are considered to be community cards or cards that anyone can use. Using all five cards in total to make the best poker hand is the object of this game.

Raise or Check?

When you have placed the bet and you have the ante...you have a choice to make...do you want to raise or continue playing but not raise. After you have decided...the first down card is flipped up and revealed. Now you have another opportunity to Raise or Continue. Raising means that you want to increase your bet. Again...the last of the two down cards is flipped and revealed. Now you have five cards if you consider the three you were dealt and the two community cards and it is time to make your best hand. You win if you have...at the very least...a pair of tens. Let 'Em Ride is actually a very simplified way to play poker.

Let 'Em Ride Progressive

To hit the progressive in Let 'Em Ride you will have an opportunity to make a side bet. The side bet that gets a mini royal flush wins the progressive jackpot. The mini royal consists of ace, king, and queen of the same suit. Side bets are usually one dollar and they offer you an extra win for certain restrictions on your hand. This side bet will continue to grow until someone wins it so you can see how this could be quite a hefty pot!

Let 'Em Ride Poker is a game that you will surely want to try...it is fun and is also very profitable too!