Play Bonus Cards at Bodog Casino

Bovada Casino it's Bodog Casino for US players. Try to play Bonus Cards with Bovada and my be this new brand will be one of you favorites?

The great thing about playing casino games at Bovada Casino is that they have such a big range to choose from. Not only can you find table games and slots games at this site, you will also spot specialty games like Bonus Cards.

Bonus Cards is available to download and play now, so why not try it to see if you like it?

How much can you stake on the game?

You will be asked how much you want to bet before the game starts. You can wager anything from 1.00 upwards so be sure you choose correctly!

Is there a practice mode you can get started with?

Yes. Like all Bodog games you can try Bonus Cards for free with a sample balance to start with. You won't win any real prizes but you can work out how the game is played and then play more confidently for real.

How does the game work?

You start off with one playing card on the game board. There are nine cards in total - the other eight will be face down.

The idea is to correctly guess what the next card will be. Now this might sound virtually impossible but you are limited to certain guesses. For instance you can guess red or black or any of the four suits. Alternatively you can guess whether your next card will be higher or lower than the one revealed at present.

Confirming your guess

Once you have made your bet and your guess, you need to confirm it by clicking on the green button. The remaining cards will then flash to prompt you to choose one.

If you guess correctly you go on to the next stage. If you get it wrong it's game over and you have to try again.

As you complete each stage you stand to win more cash if you successfully make it through the whole game. It's quite addictive!

Do you have to go through the entire game?

No, and this is where the real advantage of this game comes in. Let's say you play a couple of rounds successfully and you want to end things there. All you have to do is click on the cashout button at the bottom right of the screen.

Download and play Bonus Cards today!

Bonus Cards is a great new addition to the Bodog website. Will you be able to go the whole way?