The popular gaming casino company 888 is going down in the history books as one of the first companies to laugh a Facebook app that allows gaming for real money. 888 recently launched the Facebook casino app called MAGIC888. This allows players legally over the age of 18 to wager actual money on this social media website. The casino app MAGIC888 will have everything that players would want to enjoy. They can expect fun table games and slots machines.

This was a great marketing and business move for the 888 casino brand. This game is expected to be popular and will increase the growth of the company significantly. According to Itai Frieberger, Chief of Operations Officer, the launch of MAGIC888 is a significant offering for what the company now provides to the public. Offering a casino app for which people can play money is a great addition to their gaming portfolio. 888 Casino has also provided a second part to this app that allows people to play at the casino for free.

About MAGIC888

The MAGIC888 casino app will only be available within the UK. It is developed by the 888 casino team that developed this new product offering. This was done in combination with Mytopia, a company skilled in social media gaming. This company is headed by Eran Gonen who previously worked as Vice President of Business Operations.

The casino is a first class operation that awards bonuses and has numerous promotions. Players can download wonderful casino games and play in the convenience of their home. This is wagering at the standard for Las Vegas. Players will be able to enjoy games of skill such as Roulette and Blackjack. There are also fruit-themed slots machines and Baccarat available. 888 also offers bingo as a service to players. There are also other table games or live dealer games available to play.

About 888

888 is well known to players within Europe and around the world. Players can choose to set their casino to a different language. There are over 19 languages available, providing access to wagers for players from more than 150 countries. Anyone playing at 888 will realize that the casino offers games for players of all skill types.

The company has provided a free version of MAGIC888 for users to play to promote healthy social gaming. 888 has stated that it has a social responsibility to promote safe gaming online through its product offerings.