We first heard about BitCoin in 2009. To most, it was rather strange back then and people shunned it. They couldn’t fathom a money source that was regulated by any financial institution and had a hard time with the term, cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has since, came a long way and now it is even adopted as a banking method by online casinos. Only a handful of RTG casinos were using it at first, but now almost all RTG Casinos do and it's quickly becoming the norm, rather than the exception. You basically use your US currency to buy BitCoins, then use your BitCoins to play in the casinos. People now like bitcoin because they are completely anonymous and fast! They are also one of the safest ways to deposit & withdraw online. BitCoin deposits and withdrawals can be processed instantly. So once your ID has been fully verified you can get paid out in minutes. There is never a link to any of your bank or credit card details.

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