Bodog Black Jack

Blackjack is the most popular casino game which is referred to almost every single day in the gaming circle. Bodog Blackjack is an entertaining version of the game which can be played by following the rules and strategies. The dealer deals two cards to each player with their face up and two cards to himself with one card facing down. The players can then choose to hit (play the game) or stay (not play the game further) depending on the situation in the game. The goal of Bodog Blackjack is to score 21 points or close to it without going over this number. The face cards are given 10 points, an ace is 1 point or 11 depending on the number mentioned on the other card and other cards are counted as per their face value. You may win the game if you manage to get closer to 21 points before the dealer or if the dealer goes over 21 points. If the dealer manages to get closer to 21 points before you or you go over 21 points before him then you lose. If you and the dealer end up with similar values then there is a tie. Anyone who goes over 21 points in the game loses. Hence it is important to get as close to 21 points without crossing over to win the game. The other options such as split doubles or surrender can be used by players during the course of the game in order to win or minimize the loss.

Bodog Blackjack Rules

There are a number of variations of the game which have been used but the rules specific to Bodog Blackjack are mentioned below:

  • The game starts by dealing four decks of cards
  • After each hand the cards are re-shuffled randomly by the online generator to prevent the players from counting the cards and making guesses.
  • The dealer has to hit on a seventeen which includes an ace with 11 points. This can be referred to as a soft 17 which can be a winning point for the dealer.
  • You can double down on any two cards that you have started with.
  • You are allowed to split twice with a maximum of three different hands. There is a limitation on splitting the aces only once.
  • When you split aces they receive only a single card each.
  • You can surrender at the start of the game and get back half of your amount used for betting.

Bodog Blackjack Insurance

Insurance is offered in the Bodog version of the Blackjack game. When a player sees the potential of the dealers cards and predicts his winning the game as a Blackjack (which means an ace and a face down card, the total of which can turn out to be 21), the player has the option to purchase insurance at half the amount of the original bet. This can save you from losing the entire amount if the dealer has the blackjack, but if he does not have a blackjack you can lose the insurance bet amount.