Win Spinner Slots

Celebrate success and play Win Spinner, the new British pub style fruit slot with themes of riches and living the high life. This game is all sparkle from the shiny Win Spinner game logo to the bright and colorful icons of fast cars, private jets, expensive wines and helicopter accessed mansions. Win Spinner Slots has 3 reels, one payline and prizes as high as £25,000. And with coin options of 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, £2, £5, and £10, so whatever your budget, Win Spinner is a game you have to try.

Play in Style

Win Spinner Slots ups the excitement with a new concept: a Win Spin Streak style feature. Every reel win you win awards you a number of Win Spins on a separate set of video reels. All 7 different reel symbols award you various multiples of Win Spins; ranging from 1 for cherries all the way up to 25 with the Win Spin logo. Check out the top screen video reels.

Check Out all The Features

To make the game smoother and easier to play, the brilliant minds at Microgaming created keyboard shortcuts to the various commands. Peek, Nudge and Hold enable you to exercise your skill and control over the game. The Nudge feature is random and with it you can bump a reel to display the next symbol. The Hold feature is also random and holds the position of one or more reels for the next spin. The Shifta! Feature randomly occurs and guarantees a three symbol win. Then the Let 'em Spin Feature is also random and happens after a nudge feature if you have two of the same symbols and gives you an automatic three symbol win.

Combine Your Luck and Skill

As you can see, luck and skill combine making Win Spinner Slots more than your average 3 reel fruit slot. Use the nudges, holds and wedges you win to influence and control the game. You will find that this style of highly interactive play encourages you to develop your skills that increase your chances to win bigger prizes.

Give Win Spinner Slots A Whirl

Win Spinner Slots is an exciting new style of online slot machine loaded with new technology and current design for interactive slots that will change the way you look at online slots. This fast-paced and rewarding game will not fail to entertain and delight you. Take a whirlwind ride with Win Spinner slots and see what the future of slots looks like.