Wooly World Slots

The Wooly World Slots is a prehistoric slots game that will take you back in time. The world is just emerging from the ice age into the wonderful world of foliage and sunshine. Five reels and twenty paylines, this lovely slots game will amuse and excite you, Microgaming always offer superior games with excellent graphics, interesting sounds and a joy to play. Download and Play at Wooly World Slots.

Some game rules

Coin sizes are from 1c up to 25c and max per payline is 10 coins, with the 20 paylines the maximum total bed is 50.00. There are two modes of play regular which mean the number of paylines and coins can only increase. But in the expert mode there is the choice of increasing and decreasing.

Wooly Worlds symbols are just too cute

The graphics are beautiful prehistoric creatures that just fascinate you, with some of them still encapsulated in ice, a beautiful saber tooth tiger, and a wooly mammoth elephant with large tusks both offering free spins, and not to forget Mr. Beaver The wild symbol is the Caveman, and Wooly the Mastodon is the scatter. Some other symbols on the reels are the Compass, axe, and some high value cards, Ace down to ten, each one fashioned out of rocks. The symbols are interestingly crafted in comic style and they flash when on a winning combination and the Caveman and Wooly really animate when Cavemen laughs and bangs with his hammer and Wooly really is amusing when he runs full speed on wobbly legs.

Bonuses and Jackpot

Apart from the great graphics, the wild symbol will give your quadruple payouts, and there are excellent fixed jackpots to be won. The Caveman will only appear the second and forth reel and does not give any payout itself but he more than makes up for that when he multiplies payouts four time when combined with other winning symbols. If you get two or more Wooly scatter symbols you will receive scatter payouts. Five Wooly symbols give 200 coins multiplied by the total bet. When three or more Wooly symbols are shown anywhere on the reels at the same time, it will trigger the free spins feature. How many free spins are determined by the next screen which is the bonus game. On the second screen are 5 frozen animals, when you select an animal it will reveal the number of free spins. The free spins also offer double payouts.

To Gamble or not?

The Wooly Worlds slots game also offers a gamble game feature, where a player can risk their winning to get a double payout by choosing either Red or black, or even quadruple their winnings by choosing one of he four card suits. The gambling game can continue until they reach their gambling limit. Or if the player does not want to risk their winnings they have a choice of pressing the collect button and their winnings will be added to their balance.

Come try your luck, and have tons of fun, download now and start playing Wooly World slots today!