Witch Dr Slots

Microgaming once again has come up with a novel idea – and Witch Doctor lots will most definitely cast its spell over you, so be prepared to be hooked once you start playing Witch Dr Slots, its all about Voodoo power, and casting spell of good and not so good, but all in grate gaming fun. This fun video slots game is definitely a winner. It is a themed slots game that has some truly awesome Mephistophelean graphics, which gives some really incredible imagery, a tremendous amount of humor and imagination went into creating these lovely graphics, the sound effects match the theme perfectly, this definitely is a well rounded game that’s sure to please many a gamer. Voodoo itself is very ancient religion of the African people and thought to have been at the beginning of known human civilization, estimates that it is over 10,000 years old. Today it is still widely practiced in Haiti.

A good max coin size for Rich rewards

The voodoo action takes place on a 5 reel and 20 payline slots machine, with minimum be of one penny up to 50c and a maximum bet up to 200 coins which could bring some excellent payouts.

And the symbols are positively fiendish with lovely payouts

The imagination was certainly at work with the creation of the symbols with a mask that gives 500 x 10 coins per payline, mysterious jungle mixtures of magic herbs gives 250 x 20 coins per payline , voodoo dolls that have been skewered gives 200 x 20 coins per payliine, Mortar and pestle gives 125 x 20 coins per payline, the shrunken head-hunter trophy 100 x 20 coins per payline, limb bone gives 100 x 20 coins paylines, the cauldron gives 125 x 20 coins per payline, the grass hut gives 250 x 10 coins per payline, skulls on sticks gives 200 x 20 coins per payline, voodoo man gives a lovely 1000 x 20 coins per payline, and the Witch Doctor himself is the wild card and truly enjoys giving 5000 x 20 coins per payline, the crazy chicken brings on the 15 free spin features and can be retriggered at any time which can triple the winning combination. So, lots of opportunities to get plenty of payouts of various values.

A simple action game that has lively imaginary characters

You won’t become a millionaire with Witch Doctors Slots as this games doesn’t have any progressive jackpots or bonuses and it’s maximum payout is 5000 coins, but the game will definitely keep you going with plenty of free spins and that are retriggered to keep you playing longer, download now and start playing and having some real rascally fun.