Witches Wealth Slots

Witches brews and microgaming team up to give you some hellishly laughable gaming with beautiful graphics; the theme is a wealthy witch, whoever heard of such a thing, and why not you ask. The background sounds will definitely bring to mind those nightly sounds of insects rustling around and other eerie sounds. If you are brave enough to face the unknown and love those eerie slots then this one is definitely designed to keep you entertained. With some nice rewards to add to the mixture of this melting pot, video slots games and this is one of them are really entertaining.

Your welcome is the wealthy witch who is casting her spells over her cauldron, while your eyes are not deceiving you as the ingredients turn to thousands of coins overflowing the cauldron. With a truly creepy interface it has all the magical ingredients of truly witchery brew. Be prepared to have your hairs stand on end with the eerie music.

Enjoy the creepy fun and play the game

The creepy fun begins with this five reel, nine payines and multiple coin options for some screaming gaming fun, with a wild and scatter symbol to get this cauldron of fun really moooooving. That’s not enough? Then enjoy the bonus feature which gives you some bone tingling rewards. Witches Wealth Video Slot is indeed agreeably diverting and cackling good fun. Join and play at Witches Wealth Slots now.

Symbols of witchery proportions to keep your spine tingling

Imagine spell books, potions, evil creatures lurking in this machine, waiting to pop out some spooky rewards, and the scatter, wild and bonus icons offer many mystical but indeed truly mysterious opportunities to win some ghoulish prizes. The wild and wacky witch is your wild symbol watch as she transforms herself in to other symbols to help create winning combinations. Expose her five times on any active payline and she will spell up the top award.

And the scatter bat can win you multiples of your whole bet, but you must spin more than two scatters across the reels. When you spin three, four or five you will multiply the stake from that spin by two, twelve or even 50 times. Definitely worth the effort.

Two bonus games keep that cauldron bubbling

Mr. Twinkles sets off the first bonus round, spin him three to four times on an active payline you will be able to hit the first bonus game with an option to move to the second bonus round. And if you spin Mr. Twinkles on an active payline, you will automatically conjure up a puff of smoke and graduate to the second bonus round instantly.

The spinning goes round and round and you wonder when it will stop and what it will bring, you can make the magic wand spin the circle into six segments in this spinning wand bonus round. This wins 5 different coin values or you might be transported to the even more rewarding ‘flying rescue’ bonus. It definitely will keep you spellbound!

Once you have graduated to the second bonus round the fun begins, when you click on Mr. Twinkles for an interesting prize, at this time he gets struck across the town and your job is to rescue him. Although you might not be the one controlling the switch you will be enthralled watching the animations and listen to the sounds of this entertaining bonus feature. A truly witchery witch slots game download now and have a wickedly enticing load of fun.