Video Poker Guide

If you've been contemplating having a go at a Video Poker game at your favorite casino but for whatever reason you have been waiting for the opportune time, now is the time! Keep this in mind; there are hordes of Video Poker fanatics out there, and for very good reason. Video poker is sometimes referred to as the "thinking man's" slot. What does that mean? It's similar to a slot in that you're playing against the computer, but each and every hand requires your consideration. Don't worry, you won't have to think too hard and after a very short time you'll grasp the odds of each hand. But it's just enough thinking to keep you stimulated and sharp. More importantly, the odds are very good in Video Poker, making it a potentially lucrative proposition for someone willing to pay attention and take risks. Furthermore, there is much more variety of Video Poker games than the uninitiated would ever suspect. From Jacks or Better to Deuces Wild, from Single Hand to Double, Quadruple and Multihand, there is more than enough to choose from to keep up the excitement for a very long time.

Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't poker invented in the USA? Whether it was or wasn't, it has certainly become one of America's favorite past time. Good thing for US players then that there are still some exceptional USA friendly online casinos running a very tight ship and offering a wide range of Video Poker games. Take Bovada Casino for example. This cutting edge Poker Room, Sports Book and Casino literally has everything a gambler could ever dream of, including some of the best Video Poker games online today. These include some exclusive games like 4 Hand Coliseum, Double Double Jackpot Poker and Shockwave Poker. Check out the class and style of Bovada Casino today for one of the biggest varieties of Video Poker games on the web today.

Double Your Winnings at Video Poker

Video Poker is meant for people who like to take an active hand in their gambling. Players who actually like to bet and not just sit back on autoplay. Whether you're playing Single Hand Aces and Faces or 10 Hand Deuces Wild, you take an active roll in each hand when you decide what to hold and what to trash. This way you are responsible for your fate, but you also increase your odds of winning by understanding the game you're playing. One gambling lovers feature on most games is the "bet" option where you can double your winnings on each winning hand by betting the winnings. Usually this involves the casino flipping over a card and then you have to choose a higher one from some face down cards. Each time you choose correctly you double your winnings! Of course you know what happens when you choose wrong, but we wont' talk about that here. It's thrilling, risky and fun! Lincoln Casino is a great example of a USA friendly casino with a sweet variety of Video Poker games and some great bonuses to boot. Their Multihand Aces and Faces multiplies the classic card game times 4 hands for each round. This is a great way to jack up your chances for the big win when you hit the Royal Flush. On top of their high end games, LincolnCasino offers possibly the most massive welcome bonus on the planet (their quote) with up to $5,000 cash back across your first 5 deposits. Download Lincoln Casino now for serious Bonuses and pure Video Poker excitement.

Video Poker Rules are Simple and Easy to Learn

Most people today have a basic understanding of the ranking system of poker hands: high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, Royal flush. Even if you can't remember the order, it's written for you in every game so you'll always know what's happening. Here is how it works: you get dealt one hand in single or multiple hands in multihand games. You then decide which cards to hold and which to trash. You're then dealt cards to replace the ones you chose to trash. That's when you find out if you have a winning hand. It literally could not be easier. You can then decide to double your winnings as discussed above. It's a quick paced and action packed genre. Liberty Slots Casino is especially well known as a USA friendly Online Casino as well as for their tremendous onone tournaments. Their 10 Hand Deuces Wild is one of those games that will hook you from the first hand. It's particularly fast moving and exciting. Download Liberty Slots Casino for 10 Hand Deuces Wild for the wild ride of your life.