How to Detect Rouge Casinos

A rogue casino is a term used to loosely define online casinos that use underhanded tactics. These may include impossible wagering conditions on bonus amounts, non processing of withdrawals or withdrawal limits whether on bonuses or not. Many people fall into the trap of playing at rogue casinos and losing their winnings or even their deposits entirely. Before playing at an online casino there are a few ways to be sure that this is a legitimate casino and that you will be paid out should you win.

Online casino forums

There are a number of independent casino forums that make it their business to give new and old casinos a once over every once in a while. Each has a similar set of requirements for each casino to get accredited by their forum. There are a number of particularly large forums that can easily be found using search engines. Be sure to do your research on the reputation of each casino before attempting to make a deposit or even sign up with your personal details.

Seal of approval

Most of the casino sites have at the bottom of their page a seal from a regulating body. Most of the US based casinos are regulated by the Khanawake Gaming Commission while others are governed by the strict rules of eCogra. There are a couple of others to look out for. When you have found what seems to be the stamp of approval, once again do a search on the regulating body and take a look at the casinos that fall under them as well as the requirements. Only online casinos who fully comply with these requirements are allowed to display this stamp. Casinos without a stamp are not to be trusted right off the bat.


A legitimate casino should have reams of information on themselves on their site. Look for a tab or link that says 'About us'. Find out who the sister casinos are, if any, if they disclose the name of the company that owns them or the General Manager of that company. A search will identify if this is a legitimate person. Is there a physical address? This is an important trust cue. A physical address means that there is a certain amount of investment and that the casino is not being run out of a brief case that can be packed up at a second's notice.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are also potential identifiers. Look for clauses where the wagering conditions are stipulated. For bonuses it is generally around 30 times that one is asked to play through their bonus before the casino will allow a cash-in. Question the casino if you are asked to play through your own deposit.

Also look for limitations on withdrawals once a bonus has been granted to you. Limitations are relatively new and usually only applied to no deposit bonuses. A limitation on a deposit bonus is not common, so watch out for this. If there is a limit on a deposit bonus, look at how much the limit is in comparison to the bonus amount. If it is more than 10% keep well away.

The test of time

Rogue casinos are found out very fast and get recycled with name changes, new domains and new look web-sites. Finding a casino that has been around for a few years is one that is interested in retaining its customers and giving them an enjoyable online experience. These are all general guidelines that will help you to make a quick decision on where to play. While the sign on bonus can be very enticing it still pays you to be vigilant.